27.9% The Most Effective Retail Shrinkage Reduction Technologies

Do you know the return on investment for your current loss prevention technology?

Are you using your current loss prevention technology to its fullest potential?

Do you know the various loss prevention technologies on the market today?

Do you know how those technologies can help you improve your profit margin?

What criterion do you use when deciding on the best loss prevention technologies to invest in?

The answers to these and other questions about retail loss prevention technologies can be found in this e-book.


This e-book contains information about the latest and most effective loss prevention technologies, their functionalities, where they can be sourced and the constraint they diminish.

Before investing in any technology, there are vital questions that need to be answered; those questions along with their answers can be found in this e-book. This e-book was conceived out of our own desperate efforts to answer those questions.

We were seeking to advise a client of ours on the best loss prevention technologies for their business. We spoke to several suppliers. What we noticed was that loss prevention technology companies were either sending techies who lacked the ability to explain in layman’s terms the return on investment of their products or salesmen who lacked the required knowledge to clearly demonstrate the functionality of their products.

We said to ourselves, we are sure there are companies and individuals out there in similar situations. As we surveyed many companies we noticed a similar trend. This e-book explains retail technology in a ‘non-techie’ language; allowing buyers to have an understanding of retail loss prevention technologies before they decide to invest in them.

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Technologies That Prevent Shoplifting

Receiving Technologies

Multi-purpose Technologies

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