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Best Cancer Cure: Become an Expert in Your Disease

Doctors are not God. You will not die simply because your MD says so. Trust in God & change your lifestyle

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and given a year to live.

When I went to see him, I made three suggestions to him:

Firstly, he should banish the thought of being dead in a year from his mind.

Doctors are not God.

Because they said he is going to die does not necessarily mean it is going to happen.

Most people who die when doctors tell them they are going to die, do so because their entire system shuts down from the news.

Instead of thinking of those who died because doctor told them they were going to die, I advised my friend to look are those still living ten to twenty years after their doctor told them they were going to die.


Change your Lifestyle

Make lifestyle changes to heal yourself.

Secondly, I told him to completely change his lifestyle.

This is one of the reasons most people do not respond to treatment.

They are diagnosed with a disease commence treatment yet maintain the same lifestyle that gave them the disease in the first place.


Despite what MDs say, there is nothing like genetic disease.

Every disease can be traced to:

  • Lifestyle
  • Environment
  • Mineral deficiency during pregnancy

Therefore, to remedy the situation, the first step is identification of the deficient mineral enviromental and lifestyle triggers.

Simple lifestyle change:

  • Diet,
  • Environment
  • Belief

Is 50% of the cure of any disease no matter how chronic it may be.


Become an Expert in your Disease

Leave your live in the hands of your doctor at your peril

The third thing I told my friend is, he needed to become a cancer expert.

By the time he is cured, he should know more about cancer than his GP and as much as his oncologist.  

Last year it was announced that vitamin D was good for the heart.

It was breaking news on all major news networks.

This is supplement I had been taking five years before the medical establishment acknowledge it’s benefit for the heart.

Do you think it’s only vitamin D that is good for health?

There are lots of very simple supplements like vitamin D that could make a tremendous difference to our health yet our MDs don’t know about them.

How come I knew about the benefit of vitamin D to my heart and my cardiologist did not know?

I became an expert in heart disease. 

Firstly, the pharmaceutical industry is a business.

Like any business, they want to make profit.

What would they make more money from a bypass surgery or vitamin D?

5% of doctors are good 95% are average.


Pareto Principle in Medicine

Secondly, Pareto 80/20 principle applies to medicine as it does to every area of life.

95% of doctors are crap at doctoring.  

Only 5% really know what they are doing.

Like every profession, many doctors simply show up to work and do the minimum.

They do not do any research into the treatment they recommend for their patients.

If you do not believe me, the next time you visit your GP, watch what he does when you tell him your symptoms.

He places the info  into Google for doctors and based upon the search result, he decides your treatment.


Doctors Miss Symptoms All the Time

My friend reported the lump in his shoulder in July of last year, it was April this year they confirm it was cancer.

All the specialist in the hospital with ten or twenty years experience could not detect what it was.

Reason, like most people doctors do not think.

They operate in the same stimulus response autopilot state in which the majority of people operate.

This is the reason you have to be the expert in your disease.

If you left your life in the hands of your GP or consultant hoping he will save you, you are taunting the gods.

I do not want anyone to misinterpret the above statement.

I am not suggesting all doctors are evil or idiots.

Doctors save lives in emergency.

What I am saying is, the same Pareto Principle that applies to every spectrum of society, applies to medicine.

Do not see the white coat and automatically assume the individual in that coat is smart.

5% of them are smart, the other 95% are average.

Any time you are interacting with your doctor, you do not know if you are dealing with one belonging to the top 5% or one belonging to the 95%.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to take charge of your life.

It is not your doctors’ responsibility that you live.

It is your responsibility, which is the reason you need to become an expert in your disease.


About the Author

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