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Best Cancer Cure: Become an Expert in Your Disease…Part Two

Doctors are not God. You will not die simply because your MD says so. Trust in God & change your lifestyle

In a follow up to part one of this article series, one of the main reasons it’s important you become an expert in your disease is to be in the position to take control of your treatment process.

In article one, I mentioned that the lump on my friend’s shoulder appeared in July 2016.


He went to see his MD who informed him it was nothing to worry about.

During one of his visits, a consultant picked up the fact that it might be a tumour and requested further investigated.

But her request was not acted upon.

It was in February 2017 the confirmation came that it was indeed cancer, at the time it has already metastasized.

What if they had confirmed it in July 2016?

They would have commenced the treatment and my friend would not had been steering into the abyss.


You and Only You are Responsible for Your Health

Leave your life in the hands of your doctor at your peril

I went to see my cardiologist consultant a while ago and he recommended that I saw a surgeon.

When I went to see the surgeon, he glanced at my file for a few minutes and began to explain to me risk of the surgery he was going to perform on me.

I said to him hold fire your royal horness.

You have not even established whether I needed surgery and you are already explaining the process to me.

Then I began questioning him about my condition and my test results, it turned out he had not even looked at my results.

He had based his decision to operate solely upon the letter from my cardiologist.

While my cardiologist letter did outline his view of my condition, the surgeon did have a responsibility to check the results himself before making the decision to open my heart.

If I have not questioned him, and went along with what he told me, I would have had my heart open for no reason.


What’s the Lesson?

You wouldn’t let her open your heart would you?

Just think for a moment what would have been the outcome if in July 2016 my friend had insisted on taking a biopsy?

My friend is not the first person whose symptom  has been missed by doctors.

And he will not be the last.

But like my friend, most people just take what they are told by their doctors and go home until it’s too late.


They allow their MDs to make life and death decision on their behalf.

As individuals, we are responsible for our health.

Not our doctors.

Twenty years ago, we could claim ignorance.

We have no excuse these day.


You have smart phone don’t you?

You have a public library don’t you?

The answers are out there, but it’s our responsibility to find them.

So instead of showing up for our medical appointment and expecting our MDs to tell us, he or she will only confirm what we already know.

That is if we did the research.


An Educated Patient is in Everyone’s Interest

An educated patient helps everyone

Most doctors play god with people’s lives.

The reason for that is the majority of patients do not question their doctors. 

Therefore, when a patient like me questions a doctor, instead of viewing it as my desire to gain clarity, they view it as hostility.

 The more people that are enlightened enough to question their doctors, the better it will be for everyone.

Instead of saying ‘I don’t know’ or threatening to call security if you do not get out of their office, which is the standard answer of most doctors when they are incapable of answering a patients’ question, they will be forced to find answers.


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