Does Your Accountant Work For You Or The HMRC?




Dear Friend,


      Imagine going to work each day with the peace of mind associated with the fact that your entire finances are taken care of by a trusted and reputable accounting firm.

Your receipt and expenses properly recorded…

Your travel expenses and mileage accurately recorded…



Sound like a stretch?

This is how many of our clients used to think until they came in contact with us.

      At Unik Accounting, we do not only conduct the mundane accounting services such as tax return, self-assessment completion, bla, bla, bla, we serve as your trusted financial adviser.

      We completely remove everything to do with finance from your hands freeing you to concentrate on your work with the realisation that the financial aspect of your business is taken care of.

      We help you setup your limited company, setup and organise your bookkeeping and accounting system for FREE and advice you on other financial matters such as…..

      Furthermore, your account is not prepared by a bookkeeper or an ordinary accountant, but by an experienced CPA.

      Our fees are reasonable and we arrange flexible meeting times to take into account your work schedule.    

      If you are looking for an accounting firm that exceeds the role of an accountant and serve as your trusted financial adviser, call us now on 01582 390518 to set up a FREE half hour financial strategy session.


Your friend





      Have you ever received one of those large tax bills because your accountant failed to prepare your accounts in a way that helps you pay less tax?

As our client, you will not have to face those nasty surprises.

      We have a specific department dedicated to researching all of the tax loop holes to enable us help our clients like you pay as little tax as possible.

Do you want to pay only 15% tax and take home 85% of your salary?

      Then call now on 01582 390518 to start saving your hard-earn money for your retirement and your children while taking three instead of one holiday per year.

Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London

Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London