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We help businesses attract truckload of new customers, increase their profit margin and develop strategies for exponential growth.

      So if you own a business and you desire to attract truckload new customers, increase your profit margin and grow your business, then get in touch now on 020 8798 0579.

  • We drive traffic to your website
  • Create marketing funnel to convert the traffic
  • Create followup sequence to ensure continuous engagement with your prospects and customers 

      We also create your Facebook, Google or Bing ad campaigns and manage them on your behalf. 


Why Are We Different?

      What make us different from other marketing agencies in the UK is, we work strictly on pay-per-result basis.

What this means is you only pay us for the results we produce for you.

No customer, no payment simple!

Let me qualify this statement.

We are not going to sell air or snake oil on your behalf.

      You need to have high quality product or service in addition to having or be willing to build the basic marketing infrastructure such as:

  • Email list
  • Postal list depending on your type of business
  • A good website
  • Something we can use as a lead magnet (bait) to attract prospects

      If you have the basic marketing infrastructure in place, you will not pay a single penny until we produce results.

Even if you do no have the marketing infrastructure, you will not pay us a single penny.

      All you need to do is invest in the construction of your marketing funnel to enable us carry on your marketing.   

      If you will like to find out if you qualify for our pay-per-result marketing service, please call: 020 8798 0579.


Category Of Services

We provide four types of services for small businesses and entrepreneurs like you:

  • Marketing consulting 
  • Done-for-you marketing
  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • Marketing training


Marketing consulting

      I am sure you currently have a website, otherwise you will not be reading the contents of this page.

So let me ask you these questions:

  • How many of your current customers came to you through your website?

If you are like most small businesses the answer will be none.

So if you do not attract customers through your website, why do you have it?

  • What was the reason you spent your hard earn money to build a website?

But here is the main question:

  • Why are you not attracting traffic to your site?
  • If you are attracting traffic, why aren’t’ you convert the traffic into customers?


Your Social Media Marketing

Do you have social media accounts?

Of course you do.

How many customers have you attracted as a result of your social media activities?

Again if you are like most small business owners, the answer will be none.

      There are close to two billion people on social media, are you seriously telling me that of those two billion people, your customers cannot be found amongst them?

      Whether it is your website, social media or other marketing collateral, in order for them to produce results, you need to adapt a specific marketing strategy.

      The goal of our marketing consulting services is to help you create the right strategies to ensure you convert your website traffic and use social media effectively.


The business growth process is a three step process:

  • Attracting customers
  • Increasing the volume per transaction
  • Increasing the frequency with which those customers buy

      We will help you develop strategies for implementing the three step process into your business.


There is a reason you are struggling to attract customers through your website.

      If you do attract them, you are failing to convert them because you are not currently adapting the right prospect conversion process.

Customer attraction is a three step process:

  • Crafting a compelling marketing message (USP)
  • Identifying the right target market
  • Selecting the right media through which to channel your marketing message

      We will help you craft your marketing message, identify your target market and select the right media through which to channel your marketing message.

This will result in:

  • Increased leads to your website, office, practice or store
  • Increased conversion
  • Ultimately increased sales  


Customer Retention Strategies

  • How do you increase you volume per customer transaction?
  • How do you increase the frequency with which customers buy from you?

Relationship and permission marketing is fast becoming the key marketing modus operandi.

      In the not so distance future, you will need to build a relationship with your target audience in order to gain permission to contact them.

A recent research revealed that:

  • 50% of people buy from vendors/suppliers or service providers they already have a relationship with
  • 35% buy through recommendation from families and friends
  • 15% buy from cold prospecting

      What this means is, compounding prospecting, a process in which your current customers become your sales force is going to be the most effective form of marketing.

The question now is, how do you turn your current customers into your missionaries?

      There are seven steps for building the type of relationship that would convert your current customers into your sales force:

  • Developing a data base of all your current customers
  • Growing your network by keeping in constant contact them
  • Systematizing your service delivery process to ensure consistency and predictability
  • Begining the relationship right from the start
  • Programing for referral from the start of the relationship
  • Acknowledging and rewarding referral
  • Reciprocating

      Our marketing consulting services help you develop strategies for infusing the above seven steps into your marketing process.


Done-for-you Marketing

      We recognise the fact that as a small business owner, there are times when you are so busy servicing your current customers it becomes impossible to create the time for marketing.

  The Doctor has to treat patients, the Lawyer has to defend clients, the Dentist has to extract tooth, the Accountant has to prepare profit and loss statement and the Restaurateur has to prepare the food.

      After taking the time to perform those essential task, sometimes, there is no time left for marketing.

we get that.

      However, we are also aware that as a business, you cannot grow without continuous marketing.

Many of your current customers are not going to remain with you forever.

      Some of them will go out of business, lose their jobs, change their locations or respond to offers from other service providers.

Such is the nature of business.

      This is why it is important that you continue to market even when you feel you already have a full house.

      When you have a constant flow of new customers, when a few of your current customers leave, you will easily replenish them preventing you from losing income.

      With the done-for-you marketing services, you just tell us the amount of customers you need and we do the rest.

We will do both your online and offline marketing for you:

  • Optimisation of your website
  • Driving traffic to the website
  • Creating Goolge adwords, Facebook and Bing ads
  • Increasing your online presence (social media, blog and article)
  • Direct mail
  • Newsletter

      If you will like to sign up for our done-for-you marketing service, please email: info@theprofitexperts.co.uk or call +44 (0) 20 8798 0579.


Business Coaching and Mentoring Program

      Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision in your personal or business life and wished you had someone to brainstorm with?

You could not discuss with your spouse because they will not understand you…

Neither could you discuss with your friends because they know nothing about business?

It might have been a decision about employing new staff…

Dismissing an unproductive staff…

Getting into a joint venture arrangement…

Expanding your business…

Or developing a new type of product or service?

      As small business owners, we are constantly forced to make decisions on the fly with no committee or person to brainstorm with.

      The reality is this: even the CEOs of multinational companies who surround themselves with the smartest people money can buy, have private times with business coaches.

There are certain pre-requisite for high performance.

This is one of them. 

      If you are contented with remaining a small business, then you can make all the decisions on your own.

      However, if you want to play in the major leagues with the best players in your area of expertise, you need a business coach.

      Having a business coach is not a luxury, it is something you must have if you want to perform to your full potential.

      Can you imagine a top sport star going for major tournament without a coach?

      We are aware of the fact that even though many small business owners need coaching, they cannot afford to retain one on a full time basis.

Consequently, we have three levels of coaching services:


Level One Business Coaching – Pay-As-You-Go

You could purchase this service if you wanted to discuss a specific issue. 

You might have a critical decision to make therefore, needed someone to brainstorm with.

You could choose to purchase an hour or two.

The brainstorming can be done face to face or through Skype.


Level Two Business Coaching – Full Day of Consulting

Again you do not need to commit yourself to long term contract.

You could buy half a day or a full day coaching and consulting session.

We will go through your plans, device strategies and develop a comprehensive plan for you.

      At the end of the day of consulting, you will leave with a complete step by step action plan you can immediately implement in your business.


Level Three Business Coaching – Three, Six or Twelve Month Coaching

This is a three, six or twelve month coaching program.

The program entails:

  • Full day strategy session
  • Weekly coaching call
  • Email correspondent
  • Monthly newsletter
  • The option for extra calls in the event of emergencies


      To sign up for any of our coaching programs, please click of the below link: http://romeorichards.com/business-education-center-coaching-and-mentoring-programme/  or call 44 (0) 20 8798 0579


Marketing Training

We provide periodic marketing training for small business owners.

      These training are suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to market their business or those who might want to know what results to expect when delegating their marketing or entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

      They are interactive training workshops geared toward ensuring attendees do not only learn marketing theories but that they leave the training with the ability to actually implement.

Attendee leave the session with complete marketing and step by step action plan they could implement immediately.


      To find date of any of our upcoming marketing training and register for them, please click on the below link: http://romeorichards.com/small-business-marketing-training-london/ or call 44 (0) 20 8798 0579.  

Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London

Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London