Brand You: How To Use Your Personality To Grow Your Business: Part Two


How to brand yourself

How to brand yourself

In part one of this article sequence, I said you are the expert, you are the creator of your product or service.

      You are the one who dares to risk ridicule, bankruptcy or unemployment to establish a business out of your ideas.

      Therefore, it is not you who need to be begging people to become your customers, it is them who should be begging you to become members of your tribe.


Did I hear you say impossible?

Well, it is not impossible for Costco.

      While other retailers are struggling to get people into their stores, shoppers are paying Costco for the privilege of shopping in their store.

How did Costco succeeded in getting away with that?

They made their merchandise unique…biiiiiiiig!!!

You don’t get to write your own cheque until you are unique.

Unique in this sense does not mean being different for different sake.

      It means creating a product or providing a unique type of service that is wanted and needed by the market.


Creating Your Uniqueness

How to brand yourself

How to brand yourself

Last Saturday I saw the West End musical ‘The Book of Mormon’.

      Watching the show, you can’t help but think the writers and producers set out to piss-off just about everyone.


Yet I have not seen any type of picket line against the show.

The reason for that is simple: the show is excellent.

      I have attended lots of musicals, this is the first time I was spellbound from the very first second of the show till the end.

      Despite the controversial nature of the subject matter and the constant adulterated swearing…

The performance was excellent…

The direction was excellent…

And the vocal performances were excellent.


Brand you: embrace your uniqueness

Brand you: embrace your uniqueness

You leave from the theatre thinking, how can someone be so brilliant…The queen should probably pass a law against being so smart.

To be unique, you need to be excellent.

The Industrial Revolution was about increasing production speed.

The 80s and 90s were about quality.

The 21st century is about creating exceptional customer experience.

      To create exceptional customer experience with your product or service, it needs to be excellent.

Do not strive for the middle ground.

      The reason The Book of Mormon continue to attract full house even though it has been running for years is, it is excellent.


Excellence Is the Key To Business Growth


Excellence is the best way of setting yourself apart

Excellence is the best way of setting yourself apart

On our way back from the theatre, at the underground station, a Busker was singing ‘The Scientist’ from the group Coldplay.

As we got closer, I could hear his beautiful loud voice getting louder and louder.

      We stopped to listen to him, of course I made my donation for the chance to experience such magnificent performance.

      What I noticed as we stood listening to him was, we were not the only ones stood listening to him.

And we were not the only ones who dropped money into his box.

For the five minutes we stood listening to him, he must have made a minimum of £50.

People kept dropping money into his box.

Even those who did not stop to listen to him.

      The little they heard as they walked toward him was enough to force those harden Londoners to dip their hands into their pocket to give their hard earned cash to him.


Because he was excellent.

      So, if you want to brand yourself to grow your business, you need to make the decision that you will be excellent.

      By the way instead of Coldplay hassling Apply for royalties, they might want to consider sending the bill to the Busker.  

      He is making more money in five minutes from their song than Apple will ever dream of getting in a year.


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      In this fiercely competitive business environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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