How to Create an Attractive Visual Merchandising Display


Visual Merchandise display

How to Create An Attractive Visual Merchandising Display

As a retail store owner, you understand that merchandise display is important to include in the overall store design.

When creating a visual merchandising display, it needs to be exciting and simple at the same time.

When the display is cluttered, it conveys a message of confusion to shoppers that prevents them from responding favorably to it.


Create Movement


Visual Merchandise display

How to Create An Attractive Visual Merchandising Display

Movement within a still piece is possible.

Use mannequins that bend and have arms that can be adjusted.

This helps to create a conversational display piece that does help attract shoppers as they walk pass it.

If you are able, try to display the characters partaking in an activity, such as a social event or event themed around the time of the year.

Use a Theme

As mentioned above, a theme is important. It should connect with the locals as to what is happening around town during that specific time of the year.

If there is a festival in town, design your visual display around that theme.

Also design around specific seasons, major holidays and nuances that resemble an attitude or idea based upon a single thought.

Do not Over Accessorize the Display

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While you want the display to have movement and appeal to shoppers at the same time, too much going on simply drives shoppers away.

Keep the accessories simple.

An example of this would be a beach theme, only use a beach towel, sunglasses, a beach ball and perhaps a bottle or two sunscreen as accessories.

Window displays are created for several reasons with the most common being to show shoppers what the store offers from the outside.

Only trending items should be used in the display.

Keep last season’s items on the racks. Use the displays to advertise a sale or special promotion, but still, keep it simple.

Outlandish displays prevent shoppers from responding to the display.



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