Dental Practice Business Growth Blueprint: How to Create a Susseccful Dental Practice Webinar

Do You Want to Learn:

  • How to Attract Truckload of New Patients to Your Dental Practice?
  • The AMAZING SECRET of How a Handful of Dental Practices Continue to Flourish Whilst The Majority Languish in Perpetual Start-up?
  • How to Grow Your Dental Practice?


Dear Friend,

Let Me Tell You Three Stories

The first story is about the London Olympic. When the London 2012 Logo was unveiled, there was instantaneous uproar amongst the British population with almost everyone commenting on how ugly it looked and that there was nothing about it that symbolised the Olympic. The official London 2012 Mascot was met with similar response. No one in the UK except the designers knew what they created.

The chairman of the London 2012 Olympic organising committee had to go on television to explain to the British public what both the logo and Mascot symbolised.

The second story is about Vodafone. In an apparent attempt to boost sales, Vodafone phone placed series of ads on billboard around the UK,needless to say it was a botched. Why did the ads fail? It had the image of Yoda from the movies Star Wars, with captions such as reduce your call tariff.

Think about this for a moment!

  • What is the connection between Yoda and saving money on phone call?
  • Who will see the image of Yoda and automatically connect it to reducing phone bill?

The third story is about Nike. Nike had a series of billboard ads with various football stars including Lionel Messi. There is nothing wrong with having ads with images containing photos of the biggest footballers on the planet. Where the problem lies is: where the ads are displayed.

Lionel Messi is the biggest football star in the world today. However, how many people in the UK know his face. When you are selling mass product and you aim to appeal to the masses, you need to have someone they can instantly recognise.

You cannot believe what I am about to tell you, they even had pictures of Adriano, this was at the time when he was having his troubles. Do you think any parent in their rightful mind would buy a Nike football boots for their kids as a result of seeing picture of Adriano on an ad? I doubt if it would even happen in his native Brazil talk less of the UK. Especially when he was involved in his various scandals?

What do the above stories have to do with you?

You own a dental practice right?

This means that there will come a time when you will have to advertise your dental practice – If you are not already doing so. The reason why the London Olympic Committee, Vodafone and Nike wasted their resources creating designs and advertising that did not work is: those involved in the negotiation of the contracts at those organisations knew nothing about advertising.

The person signing up on an ad for the London Olympic for example might have come from one of the big advertising agencies therefore knew nothing, nada, zip about advertising.

The big advertising agencies do branding which is advertising agencies speak for non-direct response advertising, consequently, the inability to measure return on investment.

That question again: what does that have to do with your dental practice?

You see…many dental practices are being sold the same bale of goods that marketing agencies sell to big organisations like the London Olympic Committee, Nike or Vodafone.

This is why it should concern you: the person signing up on an ad for Vodafone, Nike or the London Olympic is not spending his/her own money. He/she is using other people’s money.

However, when you sign up for an ad or any marketing campaign, you are spending your own hard earn money. Therefore you cannot afford to get it wrong because when you do,you waste your own money.

There is a good news and bad news to marketing your dental practice

The good news is: it is easy to market a dental practice because there is a formula. You follow the simple formula, your marketing campaign succeeds. You fail to follow that simple formula, your marketing campaign fails.

The bad news is: many dental practice owners maybe you included do not know this formula which is the reason why most of your marketing campaigns fall flat on its face.

I will give you this formula in a few minutes but before I do, let me stimulate your thinking a little.

Picture Apple’s store whenever they launch a new product. Thousands of people lining up and sleeping in sub-zero degrees temperature to be the first to buy their new products. Apple sells phone like many phones manufactures. Almost every function in the new iPhone 5 can be found in a Samsung phone.

So what is it about Apple iPhone 5 for which reason it is sold for almost five times the price of a Samsung phone?

Apple understands marketing better than all its competitors and most other businesses in the world.

If there is one thing you take from this letter let it be this: MARKETING IS BETTER THAN MASTERY. This is not to say that you do not have to be good at dentistry, far from that. But your ability to market your dental practice is more profitable in the long run than just mastering dentistry

When you open a dental practice, you become an entrepreneur dentist. As an entrepreneur dentist, being the greatest dentist in the world isn’t going to grow your dental practice. Your ability to market your dental practice is the difference between struggling and becoming a successful dentist.

Let’s face it,your competition went through similar dental training as you. Even though some universities are considered better than others, in most instances the difference in training is not that pronounced. However, there is a huge difference between successful and struggling dental practices.

Marketing your dental practice requires three steps:

  • Your message
  • Your market
  • Your media

Your message
When someone comes to your dental practice, they come there for two reasons and two reasons only:

  • What it would cost them if they did not solve whatever issues they are faced with
  • How they will benefit from your solution
    • Yes they might have come to see you because they need teeth whitening
    • They might have come to see you because they needed cosmetic surgery
    • They might have come to see you because they need filling
    • They might have come to see you because…because…because…because

However, in the final analysis, they did not come to see you because of the because…because…because…

The only reason they came to see you is to avoid the consequences or derive the benefit from your solutions.

When creating your marketing messages you need to ensure that you focus on the because…because…because.

Do not focus your marketing message on the benefit rather on the benefit within the benefit:

  • What is your offer?
  • What are you actually selling to your patients?
  • Is it great smile?
  • Is it release from bad breath?

That is what crafting an effective marketing message is about.

Your market
The next important aspect of dental practice marketing is your target market. Yes it is true that many people need the services of dentists. Everybody needs a dentist. However, not everyone go the dentist. There are those who do and they do so for specific reasons. Therefore, effective marketing demands that you only seek those who are willing to visit a dentist.

It is not enough to say because someone has a tooth arch they will necessarily be persuaded to visit a dentist. There are those who will and there are many people who will not. Therefore your marketing campaign has to focus on those who will. It does not matter how great or effective your message is, if it is being sent to the wrong target market, you will be wasting your resources.

There need to be a MESSAGE TO MARKET MATCH for a marketing message to be effective.

Your media

The last piece of the dental practice marketing puzzle is the media. In many instances marketing for dental practice is about ad in the Yellow Pages, newspapers or radio. However, there are more than twenty different media you could use to transmit message to your target audiences and most dental practices are not taking advantage of them.

The internet along has multiple channels of transmission. There is SEO, social media, banner ads, PPC etc. that can be used to effectively transmit your marketing message.

Using the right media effectively is a key factor in the success of a dental practice marketing campaign.

As you read this letter, you might be saying to yourself, I do not need to learn how to market my dental practice, I could just hire a marketing agency.

So why haven’t you done so already?

If you have done, what result have you derived from marketing agencies so far?

I am sure if you have benefited from using marketing agencies, you will already have all the patients your dental practice needs, therefore, you will not be reading this letter.

he reason why you need to learn how to market your dental practice is because 98% of dental practices marketing campaigns fail. The reason why most dental practice marketing campaigns fail is:most dentists do not understand marketing fundamentals. Consequently, they lack the ability to inspect what they expect


You cannot judge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or the return on investment if you do not know what result to expect.

There is this quotation that marketing agencies quote all the times as their excuse for not being able to guarantee their results. The quotation goes like this: 50% of my advertising is wasted the problem is I do not know which 50%.

This quotation is from more than a hundred years ago when the parents of the Google two were not even born. Today thanks to Google, we have the capability to test our marketing before rolling it out on a large scale. Yet advertising agencies still use a quote from a hundred years as an excuse for not producing result.

Why do they get away with that? They do because most dentists do not understand marketing, therefore lack the ability to measure their expected results.

The Dental Practice Business Growth Blueprint: How to Create a Successful Dental Practice Webinar is designed to teach dentist the fundamentals of a good dental practice marketing campaign.

The aim of the webinar is threefold to:

  • Teach dentist how to attract truckload of patients to their dental practice
  • Teach dentist how to retain those patients
  • Teach dentists how to measure the return on investment of their marketing campaigns


You will learn:

  • The ultimate dental practice marketing blueprint
  • The dental practice business model (The business model used by Facebook and Google that help them outfox their competitors)
  • How to position your dental practice above your competitors
  • How to create new market for your dental practice
  • How to conduct competitive analysis aka spying on your competitors
  • Step by step strategies for out marketing your competitors
  • How to know what constitutes value to your patients
  • How to conduct value pricing of your dental services
  • The purple cow theory: how to standout in the thick of fierce competition
  • Lessons from Apple: The Next generation dental demand (How to anticipate your patients future demands)
  • How to generate leads for your dental services (Exploring the different dental practice lead channels)
  • How to craft a dental practice USP
  • Questions and answers on how to profitably market your dental practice
  • Dental practice marketing risk reversal strategies
  • The 10 dental practice marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to identify the bottleneck to your practice’s growth
  • How to effectively use social media to market your dental practice
  • How to grow a dental practice

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Who should attend?

Before I list the types of dentist who will benefit from the Dental Practice Business Growth Blueprint Webinar, I will first list those who would not benefit.

Please do not attend the Dental Practice Business Growth Webinar if you::

  • Do not own a dental practice
  • Do not intend on growing your dental practice
  • Do not want to attract more patients to your dental practice
  • Do not want to retain existing patients
  • Do not want to apply different marketing strategies to your marketing campaigns

The Dental Practice Business Blueprint Webinar is for:

  • Dentist who want to retire early
  • Dentist who want to stop working 50 hours a week
  • Dental practices that want to attract new patients to their practices
  • Dental Practice that want to retain their existing patients
  • Dental practice that want to learn how to create an effective business model
  • Owners of dental practice who are serious about growing their practice

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Benefits of Attending the Dental Practice Business Growth Blueprint Webinar

At the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the different between exceptional result selling and branding
  • Understand the concept of positioning selling that results in their phone ringing rather than them making the dreaded cold call
  • Understand the biggest dental practice marketing mistake and how to avoid it
  • Understand the different type of dental practice marketing campaigns and how to implement them
  • Understand the three elements that constitute good marketing copy
  • Know what criteria to look for when choosing a marketing agency

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As a token of appreciation for registering for our webinar, I will give you a FREE COPY of my recently published book: How to Effectively Market and Manage Dental Practice.

In addition, you will have a FREE TWO HOURS marketing strategy session with me, where we will go through your marketing plan and strategy together. It does not matter which part of the world you live, we can do it via Skype.

Together these bonuses are valued at a total of £1000. My hourly phone or Skype consultation rate is £500 per hour. Therefore you are basically attending the webinar for free plus you will be receiving a two hours marketing makeover from me.

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I am even ashamed to tell you the cost of the webinar because you will laugh. For all the value you are going to receive, the cost of the webinar is just the cost a few cups of Starbucks coffee.

It is just $97.00. Take advantage of this and register today to learn how to grow your dental business.

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Seven Lame Reasons NOT To Attend The Dental Practice Business Growth Blueprint Webinar

I hear some utterly and wildly ludicrous reasons from dentist as to why they avoid taking the crucial steps that will grow their firms.
They are so preposterously silly that I decided to use them as the framework, on why YOU must turn a critical eye on the way you currently approach your marketing — for the financial wellbeing of your firm and your life.
I hope that I do not unintentionally embarrass YOU by citing a specific lame rationalization you may be hiding behind. But if the shoe fits…well, perhaps some sobering re-evaluation of logic is called for on your part.

Lame Reason One: “I’m doing as much as I can and if I get more business I can’t handle it.”

If you are making all the income you want … If you are producing all the results and response your marketing efforts and possibilities can possibly afford, then maybe that response would be tolerable — not acceptable, but tolerable.

Business Logic 101

Working harder than you should for less financial payoff than you could be getting is illogical. Why would you NOT want to find out how to multiply results and maximize your time, efforts and make your business work harder for you?

By learning how to wring more profitability from each transaction, client, effort or product/service, you get greater yield from the same people, business and the same eight hour day.

Who Wouldn’t Want Increased Results?

Who in their right mind would not want that potential for dramatic increased results? Who could possibly accept the sub-optimized level of achievement they are currently at — just because they cannot figure out (on their own) how to multiply yield without multiplying effort, time, staff or expense?

So shame on anyone who accepts whatever glass ceiling they let hover over their business today.

Lame Reason Two: “I have a ton of other marketing materials that I need to read/listen to —before I can justify changing anything
I am doing.”

If you have not read or listened to this material in the last year…or two, or three — what makes you possibly think you will do it now?

Why wouldn’t you want me to personally teach, guide and translate all those unread, unlistened-to materials into real actionable state-of-the-art strategy you can finally do something with immediately?

Or are you someone who really does not crave all the growth, profitability and success that you purport you want your firm to generate?

Delusional Thinking

People who don’t act in 12-36 months have a 95% statistical probability of not acting at all—on their own. If you are one of them, why keep deluding yourself?

Look, owning a bunch of books, CDs or DVDs you don’t use is a cop-out. Action, application, implementation, execution and follow-through are the only things that produce results. Nothing will ever happen until you finally take productive action.

Lame Reason Three: “I can’t apply previous marketing training to my business because I need specific input on how it translates to
my situation.”

Is this person saying he wants to hire me personally at £1,000 a day to customize my general principles to his specific situation?

Is this person saying he is too helpless to even try and translate a general principle over to their situation?

Is this person saying he will rather be frozen in mental paralysis than try and get answers?

Is this person saying he/she did not purchase a product that was customized-but wanted to “will” that product (through wishful thinking) mutate into something it is not?


Lame Reason Four: “I am in the dental practice business. Your business building strategy does not work for our industry

If you really and truly want to see your dental practice grow and multiply and you do not think I can do it for you—yet you are doing nothing, but hoping, waiting, avoiding and being suffocated by the status quo — you, my friend, are only cheating yourself. Period. Get your “butt” over to webinar — post haste.

Lame Excuse Five And Six: “I am too small to implement anything you comes up with; I do not have the funds to implement.”

What these two “rationalizers” are each really saying is you do not have the willingness to reach out for greater success, earn multiplied income or engineer monster-level prosperity.

I am fine with that — But I probably know more no cash, no infrastructure marketing methods than everyone else combined!

Saying you cannot learn how to double, even redouble your income makes no sense. Saying you will not learn how to market without capital makes no sense. Saying you are too small and want to remain tiny and irrelevant forever is outright lying to yourself.

Lame Reason Seven: “I have already attended other marketing webinars. What possibly could I learn from this one?”

Describe and listing of all the tests, risk reversals, bonuses, strategic alliances and new revenue sources that you have used since you attended your last training. I am sure you can’t! You probably have not done anything…Nothing….Nada….Zip with the information your got!

So again, what you are really saying to yourself is that you only “play act” at growing your dental practice. You obviously do not really want to see it grow and prosper continuously — or you will be the first ones to do so, and strategize your implementation plan.

I could continue with this comedy of rationalizations — but it is not necessary.

When it comes to the results of training, there are two trends of thoughts. There are those who believe that the trainer’s responsibility is to provide the information and it is the trainee’s responsibility to absorb it. And there are those who believe that it is the responsibility of the trainer to ensure that the trainees learn.

I share the thought process of the latter. I believe if the student has not learned, the teacher has not taught.

Therefore it is my responsibility to ensure that you return from the webinar fully equipped to transform your dental practice.

My guarantee to you is this: at the end of the webinar, if you feel that you have not gained three solid ideas that when implemented will quadruple your profit in three months, request a refund and you will receive a full 100% refund of every penny you paid.

Plus I will give you £200 extra for your time on the webinar.

You are smart enough to know that I will not provide you this guarantee if I was not confident that the webinar will change your private medical practice.

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Thank You and To Your Success,

Romeo Richards
The Business Education Center
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 8789 0579

P.S. You are going to receive “the magic formula” to a successful dental practice, the info I myself rely on for specific tactics and strategies.

I will make triple-sure that you get specific Action Steps to take.

You are NOT going to be loaded up with ideas and left floundering (as most webinars leave you).


I am going to help you outline specific steps to take, utilizing the info I will share with you.

After the webinar, I will be there to watch your back, and ensure you implement what you have learnt.

You will have lots of great ideas, too. Plenty of exciting stuff to fill your dreams.

But I am all about application here. This not the stuff you learn in university that has no practical application. It’s tried and tested real-world stuff.

Again… you are going to come away with a list of at least 10 specific Actionable Plan you will be able to implement immediately to increase your bottom line.

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