Effective Marketing Lesson From ‘Spetre’ The New James Bond Film

Marketing is better than mastery

Marketing is better than mastery

The saying that ‘Marketing is better than mastery’ is so true when it relates to movies.

I wrote an article early this year about Birdman, the film that won the best picture at the Academy Awards.

I have made it a habit of watching all of the films that win the Academy Awards, so I went to watch Birdman.

Needless to say that I came out of the cinema very disappointed.

      It was probably one of the worst films I had ever seen, yet it won the coveted best picture award at the Academy Awards.

      I came out of the cinema this weekend feeling the same way after watching ‘Spectre’ the new James Bond film.

I am still struggling to decide between Birdman and Spectre which is the worst of the two.

Yet guess what?

Spectre has broken almost all box office records.

Beaten even Harry Potter’s UK box office record.

The new Star Wars is scheduled to be released in December.

      I have no doubt, it will also be breaking box office records even though Star Wars is one of the worst films ever made.


Marketing is better than mastery

Marketing is better than mastery

Marketing is better than mastery

The success of those crappy films is a validation of the saying ‘Marketing is better than mastery’.

The reason those crappy films are so successful is they understand this concept better than most.

The first thing they do is select their audience very well.

      Spectre or Birdman was not made for someone like me who know the difference between good and bad films.

Neither were they made for the critics.

      In fact if the producers of those films had their way, someone like me will never be allowed into the cinema.

I am not good for their business.

      The second thing they do brilliantly is, they focus on marketing their films rather than spending time making them perfect.


Marketing Lessons From James Bond

Marketing is better than mastery

Marketing is better than mastery

Our organisation does marketing for professional firms: doctors, lawyers, dentist & accountants.

In my consultation with professionals, I constantly struggle to drum into their skull the concept that they don’t get paid for the things they actually do, but the perception of their customer, clients or patients.

      The lawyer thinks the best way of attracting new clients is being the best lawyer in his town and gaining the respect of his peers.

      The dentists feel he will get wealthy by conducting painless tooth extraction procedure on his/her patients.

No doubt, it helps to be really good at what you do.

No one will like to go to a doctor who has not been to medical school.

However, mastering your craft will only provide you a certain level of success.

      The most successful people in any field are those with the ability to effectively market their products or services.

      If you are an ardent cinema goer you will know that the best films are those classed as foreign language films.

In most instances, they have good story lines, great acting and good direction.

Despite those qualities, those movies never break box office records.


They are not well marketed.

      The makers of those films barely break even…They do not have the marketing budget of Spectre or Birdman.

The key lesson I would like any business owner reading this article to take away is this:

      As a business, 80% of your attention needs to be focused on marketing…

    Only 20% should be spent on operations.

      As management guru Peter Drucker rightly put it: “the business has two – and only two – functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation create value, all the rest are costs.”

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case

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