Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy – Part Three

Do you know your prospects level of awareness?

Do you know your prospects level of awareness?

In the second article, we talked about Eugene Schwartz market levels of sophistication.

      We said that businesses make the fatal mistake of marketing to prospects without taking into account their level of sophistication.

      Effective marketing requires you understand your prospects’ level of sophistication to be able to sell to them.

      Another concept introduced by Eugene Schwartz in ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ is the concept of prospect level of awareness.

      This again is another area that many businesses get wrong and they pay for their mistake dearly.

According to Mr. Schwartz, there are five levels of prospect awareness:

  • Unaware
  • Problem Aware
  • Solution Aware
  • Product Aware
  • Most-aware


Unaware Prospect:     

Effective small business marketing

Effective small business marketing

The unaware prospect knows nothing about you or your product or service.

      They might not even be aware that they have a problem, or have the awareness that your product or service might solve their problem.

      For example, trying to sell a weight loss solution to a prospect who lives in an environment where everyone else is over weight is an uphill battle.

      They might not even realise they are overweight, living in an environment where being overweight is the norm.


Problem Aware Prospect:

The problem aware prospect knows he/she has a problem.

Using our overweight person example, the individual might know that they are overweight.

      They might have moved to a new environment where a lot of people are of the medically acceptable weight.

However, this person might not be aware that a solution exist for their weight problem.

He/she might conclude that everyone else could lose weight but him/her could not.


Solution Aware Prospect    

Understanding your marketplace awareness

Understanding your marketplace awareness

At this stage, our overweight prospect realises that his/her weight is not his/her natural body mass.

      They might have met someone else they knew with similar body mass who has lost weight.




Product Aware

      Being aware of the fact that a solution exists, our overweight person now goes in search of a solution.

      They have come to the realisation that there might be a product or service in the market that might help them lose weight.


Most Aware

At the most aware stage, our overweight person comes across your product or service.

      They are not only aware that a product or service exists in the market that could help them lose weight, they are aware that your particular product or service exists.


The Lesson You Could Apply

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

      As a business, when marketing your product or service, you need to be conscious of the state of awareness of your target market.

      Which stage of awareness is your marketplace currently in?

  • Unaware?
  • Problem Aware?
  • Solution Aware?
  • Product Aware?
  • Most-aware?

      Being conscious of this information will help you decide the best way of approaching prospects to market your product or service.


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      In this fiercely competitive business environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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