Would You Like Me To Bring

Truckload Of New Customers

To Your Business Each Month?

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Is it possible that I am offering a full hour of marketing strategy session ABSOLUTELY FREE?

 Do people shy at the thought of getting too much for FREE?

 we recently ran series of free marketing workshops around London to help small business owners who lack the resource to hire expensive marketing consultant like me jumpstart their marketing process.

 At the workshops, I provided really good value to participants.

There was no selling in-between, it was all pure contents.

Despite my honesty and sincerity, I managed to attract only few dozen people.

I even provided free refreshments for good measure.            

      Then I decided to advertise the same marketing workshop for £197.00, guess what, I could not get a venue big enough to accommodate applicants.           

      The reason, I believe is that most people cannot believe I can really offer so great a value for absolutely free unless there was a catch!            

      In this advertisement, naturally, it is impossible for me to convince you that my offer of a free one hour long marketing strategy session is indeed absolutely free.        

      To make you comfortable with the idea, I will tell you that if I was charging you for that hour long marketing strategy session, it would cost you £1000.

What this offer is

           Here then is my offer.

      I have strategies that can really help you attract truckload of new customers to your business so that you can increase your revenue and profit margin.       

      I’ve set aside some time to get on the phone/Skype to personally help you create and deploy a proven marketing model for attracting and converting paying customers.

(No charge. I mean it sincerely.)        

      The marketing model has been working really well for me personally, as well as for some other people I’ve shown it to – and I think you might get a lot out of it.

      This is what one person has to say about my consulting: 

“Romeo is a brilliant consultant. From the beginning he asked thought provoking questions and he gained an in depth insight into my business. He then looked at 3 key areas of my website as to why sales weren’t converting and provided solutions. Not just that he made me re-think my goals and strategy for the business and had me look at how I was going to achieve this. Romeo really covered all areas of my business from the strategy to social media. He is a fantastic business consultant someone who will guide you through your business to achieve the best results!” Abi Owens, Managing Director, Mish Mash Management, Soho, London, W1

Reason for offering the free marketing strategy session

      In the spirit of openness, let me tell you the reason I am offering the free marketing strategy session because you might be asking yourself the question?

The reason I’m doing it is twofold:

      First, I sincerely enjoy working with other small business owners and watching them get the financial and lifestyle rewards that my marketing methods help them create.        

      Second, it’s how I occasionally get clients myself! (Some people ask to join my coaching program, attend my workshops or hire me for business growth and marketing consultation.)     

      Now – before we go further, I want to repeat this point, this is NOT a “sales pitch in disguise.”

Far from it.

      Our conversation won’t take more than an hour – so if you think about it, the worst case scenario is you walk away with a free hour of valuable business and marketing consultation worth a £1,000.

Not a bad deal you know :-)     

But with that said, please know I can’t help everyone.

In order for me to do you any good, you need to meet these three simple criterion:      

      First, you need to be able to really help your customers. I say this because there’s no point in me helping someone get lots of customers if they can’t deliver results.        

      Second, you’ve got to be willing to advertise. I’m not asking you to spend advertising money with me …I’m just asking that you are willing to do small advertising tests if needed.   

      Third, you’ve got to have internal infrastructure: customer or prospect list, website and the resources to handle the leads and additional customers. Or be willing to build the infrastructure if you do not have it at present.  

That’s all! 

If this sounds good, click here to apply and I’ll set up a time to talk.


Your friend



This is what another client has to say about me: “Just my note of appreciation for providing such an excellent training. The clarity of your presentation demonstrates not only your understanding of marketing but also an extraordinary grasp of human behaviour and the science of persuasion. I am glad to have attended your training at this stage of my business. The lessons I learnt from you will prevent me from making the marketing mistakes most start-ups make. I am very confident that my marketing strategies will be based upon sound marketing principles”. Bev Marais, Online Therapy, Bayswater, London, W2


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Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London

Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London