How to Choose a Good Name For Your Business



This weekend I went to watch The Theory of Everything.

It was a really good film.

Still baffled with the Academy decision to award Birdman best picture at this years’ Oscar, I have decided to watch all of the films that were nominated.

What came to my mind after watching The Theory Of Everything was, why couldn’t they think of a better title for the film?

The film is so good, but it had nothing to do with everything.

Even though it was a portrayal of Stephen Hawking’s creation of his black hole theory, the key ingredient that brought the film to live was the love of his wife for him.

Without her contribution, the film would have been dole and boring.

Yet the name they choose to use did not do the film justice at all.

Without the Oscar nomination and actor Eddie Redmayne winning the Oscar, the film would have disappeared into oblivion.

What does The Theory Of Everything have to do with your business?

Well, many businesses choose to use cute names to name their business.

Like The Theory Of Everything, sometimes those names have nothing to do with their products and services.

When you have big budget to waste on advertising, you can afford to be cute.

The film industry can get away with giving ridiculous names to their films because they have the resources to promote them.

However, as a small business owner, you need to understand that you are constantly selling.

And your name is part of your sales process.     

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Small Business Growth & Marketing Consulting Agency London