How to Prevent Shoplifting With Effective Retail Loss Prevention

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Shoplifting occurs every day in retail stores around the world. There are times when the items truly are needed, but others, just have a need to break the law. Retail loss prevention teams and systems are available to prevent shoplifting from your retail store.

You cannot be too careful these days and reduced profits mean that the store is not making enough and the owner is not earning enough to support him or her family.


Plain Clothed Loss Prevention Team

Many retailers are using plain clothed security personnel to help loss prevention. These individuals watch suspicious customers and alert store staff.

The video cameras are closely monitored and if any items appear to be missing from their pile upon exiting the dressing rooms, the plain clothed security officer will detain the shoplifter.


CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are an absolute must when it comes to opening a retail store. Monitoring the activity in the store is the best way to ensure that shoplifting does not occur. Some customers will, however, be bold enough to steal right in front of the camera.


Plastic Inventory Control Devices

Visual Merchandise display

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Plastic inventory control devices are bulky and some are made to emit an ink when the proper tool is not used to open them for removal from a garment.

Customers will get ink on their hands and the garment if they try to remove these themselves.

Alarms will also sound when the customer tries to leave the retail store with the device still attached when the proper scanning devices are installed at the exits.

As a retail store owner, you have to do your best to protect the inventory. Even the smallest loss can have a big impact on the overall performance and profit that a store earns.

With the proper loss prevention methods in place, shoplifting will be significantly decreased, even though it not completely eliminated.


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 In this fiercely competitive retail environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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