Marketing Lessons From The British Election


Pollsters do not understand marketing

Pollsters do not understand marketing

Every single poll prior to the British national election predicted a close contest between the ruling Conservative Party and the opposition Labour Party.

      However, the election results showed a completely different picture from what the polls were predicting.

      The day after the election, polling organisation began their post-mortem of how they could have gotten their predictions spectacularly wrong.

      I am sure they will continue to have those discussions until the next election in five years’ time when they will get their predictions spectacularly wrong again.

      This article is not meant to be a critic of polling organisations but to establish a link between the pre-election polls and Labour’s defect and the lessons for marketing your business.

      If you want to stop reading the article because you do not see the link between Labours’ defeat and your marketing, I will caution you to pause and think.

Politicians and religious leaders are the best sales people the world has ever seen.

      Therefore, if you like to learn how to market your business, you want to be learning from the best.

      Think about this for a moment, how many politician do you know that have ever kept their pre-election promise?


Politicians are the best marketers so learn from them

Politicians are the best marketers so learn from them

Yet those same guys a few years later will ask the same people they lied to for vote…And those same people will vote for them again and again.

      Every morning on my way to work, I see the Jehovah Witness members giving away their Awake Magazine.

Winter, summer, rain or shine, they are there.

      What will get someone to leave their warm bed to go and stand in freezing cold without pay?

That is the power of good marketing!

      I am not saying you need to behave like politicians and religious leaders when doing your marketing.

      What I am saying is if you can apply their strategies and tactics to a legitimate business that provides value to people, imagine the results you will accrue.


Marketing Lessons From Labour Defeat

What was Labour's marketing message?

What was Labours’ marketing message?

Political pundits have been having a field day at the expense of Labours’ election campaign blunder.

They are yet to agree upon the key reason for Labours’ defeat.

Heck, even the Labour party itself is still struggling to pinpoint the reason for its defeat.

I am not too sure what is difficult for anyone to deconstruct.

Labour lost the election simply because they did not get their message right.

Good marketing is about three things:

  • Your message
  • Your market
  • Your media

      There are three critical questions every business person need to answer in order to market their business effectively:

  • What I am selling? Your message.
  • Who am I selling it to? Your market.
  • How am I going to sell it to them? Your media.  

Those questions might seem obvious, but they are not easy to answer.

The Conservative Party election message was simple and clear:

The Conservatives message was clear and precise

The Conservatives message was clear and precise

We have built a strong economy, allow us to finish what we have started…And least we forget…if you vote in Labour, they will form alliance with those damn Scottish nationalists wanting to break apart our country.

Simple and precise.

What was Labours’ message?

I don’t even remember, do you?

      Remember George Bush? I am a tough guy, I am going to get the terrorist. While John Kerry tried being cute.

      The reason the Jehovah Witness leadership is able to get people to wake up from their warm beds to stand in freezing cold is a simple message: when you die there is a mansion awaiting you in heaven.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Buckingham Palace?

      Most of the time, when we think about marketing our businesses, the first thing that come to our minds is the media.

Where will I place an ad? On social media, Yellow Pages or Google Adword.

However, the media needs to be the last thing you think about.

Your first thought needs to be: what am I selling?

I am selling:

  • Peace of mind
  • Speed
  • Convenience
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • ?

Those are what people buy.

The LibDem did not seize the opportunity of alliance with the Conservatives

The LibDem did not seize the opportunity of alliance with the Conservatives

The Liberal Democrats that were in the coalition government with the Conservatives were literally wiped out from the political landscape.

      They were in a coalition with the Conservatives, therefore, they should have taken some of the credit for the Conservatives success.

So why didn’t they capitalise on their alliance with the Conservatives?


Their strategist got their marketing message spectacularly wrong.

      Instead of drumming the fact that they were also responsible for the economic success the Conservatives were claiming credit for, they tried to disassociate themselves from the Conservatives.

      Good marketing is having the intuition to seize opportunities when you have them. The Liberal Democrats squandered a golden opportunity.

What golden opportunities are you currently squandering with your marketing?

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