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Dear Friend,

If your desire is to create a successful private security firm this is the most important letter you will ever read. You are about to read the NEW SECURITY FIRM MARKETING SYSTEM that has helped many struggling security consultants create successful private security firms.

Let me first take this opportunity to apologise because what you are about to read is deceptively simple, you might even be tempted to skip some parts of this letter.

But don’t…

This letter is a cocktail; you need all the ingredients to make it taste right. I must admit it is a pretty long letter, but trust me,it would change your business and your life.


    Attract a minimum of a hundred clients per month to your security firm depending of course on the size of your firm and your ability to handle that amount of new clients per month.

  • Increase the numbers of cases you handle per month
  • Increase the monetary value of your transaction with each client
  • Increase the amount of return visit of each client
  • Increase the amount of referral you receive from your clients
  • Generate the resources to open multiple security firms
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time you spend at your security firm
  • Become completely debt free in a very short time frame
  • Provide you the freedom to do the things you always wanted to do and live your dream lifestyle

Survey upon survey has revealed that more people fear public speaking than even death.

Think about that…

Some people would prefer a bullet in the head than being asked to speak in public.

Some people would prefer a bullet in the head than being asked to speak in public.
Most security consultants seem to display similar traits in relation to marketing their security firm. They are fearful of it. The majority of security firms need additional clients to remain solvent and to cater for their overheads.
There is only one way of getting additional clients to a security firm. That is through effective marketing.

Repeated studies conducted amongst security consultants constantly reveal that the most successful security consultants are those who held some sort of sales position in high school or university.

Even though security consultants understand how critical marketing is to the survival and success of their businesses, the thought of engaging in selling brings shivers down their spines.

Why is this the case?

The answer is simple: marketing is associated with difficulties. It is human nature to avoid tasks we perceive as difficult or impossible. However, trust me on this one: marketing is not difficult if well-choreographed.

Just before I proceed, it is important that I make this point. I am not suggesting you do the marketing yourself, but you need to understand marketing to be able to measure your marketing results.

The two hottest threads on every security forum are:

  • How to attract new clients
  • Complaints about the failure of their marketing strategy

If you are one of those security consultants experiencing any of the above, the first thing I would like to say to you is congratulations, welcome to the club!

95-98% of all marketing strategies fail, not only security firm marketing.

I am sure there are two questions going through your mind this very moment:

  • Why is that the case?
  • If 95-98% of all marketing fails, how come businesses are still making sales and why is the business world still alive and kicking?

To the first question I will provide two answers:

Firstly, most businesses are still making sales because people need their products and services. It is like being the only newsagent in a small town. It does not matter if the owner is the worst marketer in the world, he will still make sales because people don’t have a lot of choice. That is until a Tesco or ASDA shows up in that town… He suddenly goes out of business!

……Secondly, only about five per cent of businesses in every industry really succeed. The other 95% just strive or survive.

I will answer the second question with a quotation:

“50% of all the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is I do not know which 50%.”
This was said by John Wanamaker over a hundred years ago and this statement is still being used by marketing agencies and marketing staff as an excuse for not being able to measure the results of their marketing campaigns.

The concept that marketing is a gamble has been engrained in our minds and subconscious, therefore we do not even make the effort to ensure that the process is accurate.


Those five per cent of businesses that understand this simple fact are the ones making the kill recession or no recession.

One thing you need to understand is: your security firm marketing is a process and a campaign. It is not an event. There are marketing events that become a part of your marketing campaign. However, the act of marketing itself is a process.

How Was the New security Firm Marketing System Developed?

In 2008 when my own business went belly-up, which I blamed on the recession because it could not possibly be my fault, it has to be the fault of someone or something. I went in search of recovery strategies.

My desire to save my business led me to be trained and coached by the best business and marketing trainers and coaches in the world. I received training from:

  • Dan Kennedy
  • Eben Pagan
  • Frank kern
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Jeff Walker
  • Don Crowther
  • Rich Schefren
  • John Carlton

Together these guys have created multibillion pounds worth of marketing and business development strategies.

Last week I attended an event in a place called Milton Keynes somewhere in the UK. After the training I told a friend of mine that I could point out with 100% accuracy who trained our trainers and behold I was 100% right.

What I have observed over the years of consulting and business development, without exception, every successful business development guru in the UK and Australia has been trained by one of those guys. Probably 99% of them have been trained by Dan Kennedy.

So what you have in the Security Firm Marketing System, is a combination of my training from the best business development and marketing trainers and coaches in the world. The Security Firm Marketing System is an over hundred thousand dollar value materials packed into a single marketing program.

How to Create a Security Firm Marketing Campaign

Your security firm marketing process starts first and foremost with your vision for your firm.

The two questions here are:

What do you want to achieve?

When do you want to achieve it by?

Let me give you a hypothetical scenario: your aim is to make hundred thousand in 12 months.

Now in order for you to make hundred thousand in 12 months, based upon your current situation, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many clients would I need to make hundred thousand
  • How many assignments will I have to handle to achieve that?

After answering the above questions, you move to the next process which is:
How do you attract those clients?

This is now the marketing process, otherwise known as marketing choreography.
There are also two steps to this process:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead conversion

Lead generation

Lead generation is a three step process:

  • Your Message
  • Your Market
  • Your Media

Your message
Whenever the subject of marketing is discussed in security circles, the only thing that is given prominence is the media. For most security consultants , sticking an ad in the Yellow Pages, newspaper or on the radio is their marketing strategy.

However, marketing needs to first and foremost start with the message, otherwise known as your offer.

What do you intend on selling to your clients?

The majority of people hire security consultants when they have projects they cannot figure out. Not a lot of people think about preventative security. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a security consultant to sell them on prevention. That can only be done with an effective offer.

Your market
The second step in the lead generation process is: know the customers (your market).

When you know your clients, you will know who your target market is. When you know who to target, you will not waste your resources targeting the wrong market.

There are three ways of growing any security firm:

  • Increasing price
  • Selling more to your current clients
  • Finding new clients

If you intend on growing your security firm, you need to be able to take advantage of all three. The only way you can take advantage of all three is if you know your clients.

You can have the best marketing message in the world, if it is targeted at the wrong market you will be wasting your resources.
There needs to always be a MESSAGE TO MARKET match.

Your media

The final but very important aspect of lead generation is the media; which media are you going to use to transmit your message?

In most instances, when the question of marketing media is discussed in security circles, the only focus is on the Yellow Pages, newspaper or radio. Currently, some security consultants are slowly moving to social media and SEO.

The question that needs to be answered with regards to media is:
Where do your target market hangout?

If you choose to use social media for example, which one are you going to use: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest or Google Plus? Identifying the right social media platform will make your marketing message more effective.

To sell to the baby boomer generation, using the internet is a complete waste of resources. Choosing the right media makes a lot of difference to the marketing result you achieve.

Lead Conversion

You have placed an ad in the newspaper over the weekend and the phone begins to ring on Monday morning at your firm.

…What happens?

Is it going to be the same receptionists responsible for setting client’s appointments and dealing with clients entering and leaving the firm who will be answering the phone?

Being aware that as a result of the ad, you could triple or quadruple the amount of calls your security firm usually receives, are you expecting the single receptionist to be the one to answer all of those calls and still be able to attend to clients and make appointments for current clients?

Do you see where I am going with this?

This is one of the main reasons most marketing campaigns fail to produce the desired results. This aspect of the marketing campaign is never taken into consideration.

I know of a retailer that spent millions placing ads on billboards in prime locations all over the UK. However, when customers visited their stores as a result of the ad, there were never enough staff in the store to help them. Worst of all, those in the store had no idea about the offer on the billboard.

Marketing is both a macro and micro system

The macro element is the lead generation process, including the: marketing, publicity, selling and after sales services.

The micro element of the process is the interaction your clients have with your staff whilst at your security firm, whether it is with your reception, the security officer who is sent to their site or the administrator who collects payment.

It also includes the environment and atmosphere in the security firm. The car park, waiting room and discussion room are all part of the selling process.

The third element is what happens after clients hire your security firm. This is very crucial because it would determine whether you retain the client.

The cost of customer acquisition is very expensive. Consequently, it is incumbent upon you to ensure you do everything within your power to retain your clients the moment they walk through your door.

The forth element is referral. Do you have a referral arrangement in place that is systemised to ensure every client is given the option of referring someone else to you?

I will accept that security firm marketing is not a 100% scientific process. There are some elements of intuition in the process. However, when the entire process is choreographed, when various tests are conducted prior to a campaign being rolled out, the margin for error is reduced considerably.

With Google Adwords, it is possible to test a headline or sales copy within hours. This ability to test reduces the margin for error, therefore reducing the cost associated with an untested marketing campaign.

At The Private Security Business Education Center, we help security consultants choreograph their marketing process to enable them derive the maximum bang for their bucks (return on investment).

We provide four levels of services:

  • Platinum Security Firm Marketing
  • Diamond Security Firm Marketing
  • Gold Security Firm Marketing
  • Silver Security Firm Marketing

Platinum Security Firm Marketing

Our platinum service is a done-for-you security firm marketing service. What this means is that we create your entire marketing strategy. We take care of both the lead generation and conversion process.

We do the following for you:

  • Craft out your marketing message
  • Identify your target market
  • Identify the best marketing media/channels
  • Launch the marketing campaign
  • Supervise your staff
  • Provide direct access to senior management for consultation
  • Provide unlimited phones calls through the duration of the contract

Your only requirement is to tell us the amount of clients your security firm can handle per month and we will do the rest. With this service, we operate as if we are a part of your security firm . We get involved with all of your operational activities that are related to marketing.

Diamond Security Firm Marketing

The Diamond Security Firm Marketing is a little different from the platinum.
With this package, you also receive most of the benefits of the platinum package:

  • Craft out your marketing message
  • Identify your target market
  • Identify the best marketing media/channels
  • Launch the marketing campaign
  • Supervise your staff (most supervision is done over the phone)
  • Provide limited phone calls (four per month)
  • Provide limited access to senior management but you have access to other staff members

Gold Security Firm Marketing

The major difference between the Gold Security Firm Marketing and the above two is, the Gold security Firm Marketing is not a done-for-you service. With this package, you derive the following benefits:

  • Craft out your marketing message
  • Identify your target market
  • Identify the best marketing media/channels
  • Launch the marketing campaign
  • Supervise your staff (most supervision is done over the phone)
  • Provide limited access to senior management but you can gain access to other staff members
  • Provide limited phone calls (One per month)

With this package we are not involved with the implementation. We do provide consultation as and when it is requested.

Silver Security Firm Marketing

With the Silver Security Firm Marketing package, we only prepare your marketing strategy. This package is suitable for four categories of security firms:

  • Already established security firms within-house infrastructure to implement their own marketing strategies
  • security firms which probably already have a marketing campaign, however, their marketing has plateaued, therefore are seeking fresh ideas to breathe life into it again
  • security firms without the resources to conduct a full-blown marketing campaign, however, require some sort of marketing strategy that will be implemented to generate the resources to move to any of the other packages
  • security firms outside of Europe, without the resources to fly our experts over to their countries

The great thing about this package, like the other three packages, we also go through the process of:

  • Crafting your marketing message
  • Identify your target market
  • Identify the best marketing media/channels
  • Providing limited phone calls (one phone call per quarter)

The only difference is we do not get involved with the implementation in any shape or form.

If you own an security firm and you desire to increase your revenue, take advantage of any of the security Firm Marketing packages by giving us a

call on: +44 20 8798 0579 or for a free 30 minutes no-obligation marketing consultation

Marketing is the soul of any business. Without marketing, your security firm will not have clients and without clients, you do not have a business.


Give us a call now on: +44 20 8798 0579 or email: for a free 30 minutes no-obligation marketing consultation to start growing your security firm .

Six Lame Reasons NOT To Grow Your security firm

I hear some utterly and wildly ludicrous reasons from security consultants as to why they avoid taking the crucial steps that will grow their firms.

They are so preposterously silly that I decided to use them as the framework, on why YOU must turn a critical eye on the way you currently approach your marketing — for the financial wellbeing of your firm and your life.

I hope that I do not unintentionally embarrass YOU by citing a specific lame rationalisation you may be hiding behind. But if the shoe fits…well, perhaps some sobering re-evaluation of logic is called for on your part.

Lame Reason One: “I’m doing as much as I can and if I get more
business I can’t handle it.”

If you are making all the income you want … If you are producing all the results and response your marketing efforts and possibilities can possibly afford, then maybe that response would be tolerable — not acceptable, but tolerable.

Business Logic 101

Working harder than you should for less financial payoff than you could be getting is illogical. Why would you NOT want to find out how to multiply results and maximize your time, efforts and make your business work harder for you?

By learning how to wring more profitability from each transaction, client, effort or product/service, you get greater yield from the same people, business and the same eight hour day.

Who Wouldn’t Want Increased Results?

Who in their right mind would not want that potential for dramatic increased results? Who could possibly accept the sub-optimized level of achievement they are currently at — just because they cannot figure out (on their own) how to multiply yield without multiplying effort, time, staff or expense?

So shame on anyone who accepts whatever glass ceiling they let hover over their business today.

Lame Reason Two: “I have a ton of other marketing materials that
I need to read/listen to and implement —before I can justify changing anything
I am doing.”

If you have not read or listened to those materials in the last year…or two, or three — what makes you possibly think you will do it now?

Why wouldn’t you want me to personally teach, guide and translate all those unread, unlistened-to materials into real actionable state-of-the-art strategy you can finally do something with immediately?

Or are you someone who really does not crave all the growth, profitability and success that you purport you want your firm to generate?

Delusional Thinking

People who don’t act in 12-36 months have a 95% statistical probability of not acting at all—on their own. If you are one of them, why keep deluding yourself?

Look, owning a bunch of books, CDs or DVDs you don’t use is a cop-out. Action, application, implementation, execution and follow-through are the only things that produce results. Nothing will ever happen until you finally take productive action.

Lame Reason Three: “I can’t apply previous marketing training to my business because I need specific input on how it translates to
my situation.”

Is this person saying he is too helpless to even try and translate a general principle over to their situation?

Is this person saying he will rather be frozen in mental paralysis than try and get answers?

Is this person saying he/she did not purchase a product that was customized-but wanted to “will” that product (through wishful thinking) mutate into something it is not?

Lame Reason Four: “I am in the security business. Your business building strategy does not work for our industry

If you really and truly want to see your security firm grow and multiply and you do not think I can do it for you—yet you are doing nothing, but hoping, waiting, avoiding and being suffocated by the status quo — you, my friend, are only cheating yourself. Period.Take some actions, get on the phone to me now to start growing your firm – pronto.

Lame Excuse Five: “I am too small to implement anything you comes up with; I do not have the funds to implement.”

What these two “rationalizers” are each really saying is you do not have the willingness to reach out for greater success, earn multiplied income or engineer monster-level prosperity.

I am fine with that — But I probably know more no cash, no infrastructure marketing methods than everyone else combined!

Saying you cannot learn how to double, even redouble your income makes no sense. Saying you will not learn how to market without capital makes no sense. Saying you are too small and want to remain tiny and irrelevant forever is outright lying to yourself.

Lame Reason Six: “I have already attended marketing trainings. Why should I hire a marketing agency?”

Describe and list all the tests, risk reversals, bonuses, strategic alliances and new revenue sources that you have used since you attended your last training. I am sure you can’t! You probably have not done anything…Nothing….Nada….Zip with the information your got!

So again, what you are really saying to yourself is that you only “play act” at growing your security firm . You obviously do not really want to see it grow and prosper continuously — or you will be the first ones to do so, and strategize your implementation plan.

I could continue with this comedy of rationalizations — but it is not necessary.

Imagine having a problem with your heart. You are given an appointment to see a consultant. The consultant recommends series of test that all turnout negative. The next day you return to see the consultant and he tells you:‘well we have done all the tests humanly possible but we could not find the cause of your heart condition so I will recommend an open heart surgery.We will open your heart, place a camera in there maybe we will find something. If we don’t we will start searching again’.

Gee…Can you imagine accepting such a recommendation?

Ya… doc it’s cool, open my heart and see if you can find something.

Except you’ve smoked something the previous night, I am not convinced any sane person would agree to that.

Well this is the type of guarantee 99.9999999999 marketing agencies provide their customers. They say we cannot guarantee the outcome of the marketing campaign because of lots of variables beyond our control

The reason you went to them as you did with the consultant is because they are supposed to be professionals, they are supposed to be able to counter those variables.

We are not that type of consultant…

…We are not those marketing agencies

Our guarantee to you is this: we take 100% responsibility for the outcome of our security Firm Marketing System. We do not place the blame for any negative outcome on you, your staff, your clients or the economy.

Not even hurricane or a bomb blast. The buck stops with us…simple!

If we do not help you create a successful private security firm in 12 months, we will give you every single shinning penny you spent on and through us throughout that year plus interest for having taken your money and kept it.

A successful private security firm or your money and interest back…Guaranteed.



Richards CEO
The Business Education Center
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 8798 0579

P.S. Think of this question…
How many business coaches or marketing consultants you know who will be willing to provide 100% guarantee for their services?

Not Many…

We can change your business and give you the chance to live the life you have been dreaming off.

P.P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I know you are a very busy person, so to have taken that much of your time to read a twelve page sales letter is real a big deal.


Take action by calling +44 20 8798 0579 or mail now!
You deserve a better security firm than the one you have now. The worst that would happen is you will receive a FREE 30 minutes marketing consultation worth £200.00 and a free book.

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