Shoplifting Prevention Strategies

Retail store design

Shoplifting Prevention Strategies

In the retail industry, shoplifters are getting more creative by the day. Some will do whatever it takes to steal an item from a retail store, regardless of how trivial the item may be.

Retail store owners need to have loss prevention strategies and systems in place to help prevent this profit loss.

Below are a few measures that can be implemented in your retail store to reduce shoplifting:


 Open Store Design

With an open store design, there are fewer places for customers to hide to tuck items into bags or under clothes.

Mirrors on the ceilings do help with an open concept so that employees can monitor the store when working on the shop floor.

The open design, such as using stackable shelving instead of racks when possible, makes shoplifters feel uneasy and is usually an automatic deterrent.


Install Cameras in Blind Spots

What are retailers selling: store design, visual merchandising display?

Shoplifting Prevention Strategies


Make sure that cameras cover every inch of the retail sales floor. You will also want cameras behind the checkout counter and in warehousing or employee only areas.

It is not always the customer that is stealing, in some cases, employees do too. Regardless of how the stealing takes place, it hurts the store financially.



 Dressing Room Assistant

Many retailers have unassisted dressing rooms that allow customers to enter without having the number of garments entering the space counted.

With a dressing room assistant, a card with a number on it is given to the customer after the garment count is complete.

The clerk would then check the pile of clothes upon the customer’s exit from the room. Controlling how many garments are allowed in the dressing room at one time is also a good system to implement.


Final Thoughts

The strategies above are quite simple to implement in your retail store. These methods ensure that you are taking every measure possible to protect the inventory and safety of your employees.

Retail theft is a big problem but you can reduce it in your own retail store when you have the proper loss prevention strategies in place.


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 In this fiercely competitive retail environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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