Shoplifting & Retail Loss Prevention Training ProgrammeFor Retail Store Managers 



  • Is your store manager actually causing shrinkage in your store?


  • Does your store manager understand his/her role in shrinkage management and loss prevention?


  • In fact, what is the role of your store managers in shrinkage management and loss prevention?


Dear Friend,

I told the story of my fresh food manager at Tesco, who was constantly absent from work.

He called in sick at least three days every single week.

There were times when he did not even bother to show up for work for up to two weeks.

And when he did show up, he had absolutely no interest in the work.

He was supposed to be managing us.

      However, when he showed up to work, he never ask us anything about the job, neither did he check to ensure we were doing our job well.

      As a result of his attitude, the rest of us store associates in the fresh department did as little work as we could get away with.

I was assigned to the fresh stock control department.

We seldom counted stock in the back of the freezer.

If we had to go in there, we will only count the stuff at the front.

As you are well aware, perishables expire if they are not sold before the expiration date.

When we noticed empty shelves, we simply ordered new stock.

      Meanwhile, the stock were still in the backroom but we could not be bothered to go and get them.

      However, what was more intriguing was the attitude of the store manager. He did not notice what was going on in our department.

      Not once did he complain about our work. As long as there were no empty shelves, it seems everyone was happy.

      But the store was bleeding thousands of pounds in shrinkage because we left stock to expire.


My experience in Tesco is the story of thousands of retailers around the country,I will dare to say around the globe. 


      My department or store manager in Tesco were not malicious people who wanted to destroy Tesco, they just did not know the consequences of their actions on the retailer.

Like us, they were not given the appropriate training.

      They became managers not as a result of productivity or result, but the result of their length of service with the retailer.

      It never ceases to amaze me how retailers will spend millions of pounds to open their retail store only to have it managed by people they are unwilling to spend a few hundred pounds to train.

That is almost criminally stupid.

      How can someone spend thousands to open a retail store…invest thousands on stock…yet is unwilling to invest a few hundred pounds to provide the appropriate training to the person’s in whose hand he will leave the store to manager.

It’s tantamount to finding the cheapest childminder to look after your child.

Would you leave your child in the hands of an untrained childminder?

so, why then do you leave your children future in the hands of untrained store managers?

Your store manager literally holds your cheque book.

The better skilled and knowledgeable they are, the more profitable your retail store will become.

      There is no better training you could provide your store managers than shoplifting retail loss prevention training.

Shoplifting retail loss prevention training is basically profit protection training.

Or to put it bluntly, business survival training.

Business is about making profit.

Without profit, you are not running a business, not even a charity because charities do make profit.


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The Cost of Shrinkage to Your Retail Organisation

      The average retailer makes a 1% net profit out of each dollar, and the retail industry shrinkage percentage is 2.6%.

This means that retail shrinkage is almost three times the average retailer’s profit margin.

      If you take the above calculation into consideration, you will conclude that if you  reduce your shrinkage by 50% – from 2.6 cents to 1.3 cents, you could more than double your profits: from 1 cent to 2.3 cents.

      Instead of following the conventional practices of offering huge discount to entice shoppers, the above calculation shows that you have the ability to increase your profit margin without necessarily giving away your merchandise.

      If a business makes 1% profit margin and it does not take measures to reduce losses, it is only a matter of time before it goes out of business.

       Are you still surprise that many retailers go out of business the moment there is a jolt in the economy? 

What Our Client Say

“Just my note of appreciation for providing such an excellent training. The clarity of your presentation demonstrates not only your understanding of marketing but also an extraordinary grasp of human behaviour and the science of persuasion. I am glad to have attended your training at this stage of my business. The lessons I learnt from you will prevent me from making the marketing mistakes most start-ups make. I am very confident that my marketing strategies will be based upon sound marketing principles”.  Bev Marais, Online Therapy, Bayswater, London, W2



So Why Do You Need to Increase Your Profit?

You need to increase your profit margin because business is about profit.

       If profit is not the KPI of your business, you want to consider doing something different with your time.

      It is only when you make profit you will have the resources to reinvest in growing your business…invest in your marketing and invest in other activities that will result in profit.

The easiest way of making profit in retail is to reduce shrinkage and increase sales.

       There are two reasons shrinkage reduction is the simplest way of increasing retail profit.

Firstly, you cannot control sales.

There are lots of things you could do to influence the outcome of your marketing efforts.

Ultimately, you are still at the mercy of market forces.

      However, when it comes to shrinkage reduction, you have complete control over the outcome.

      In the large majority of cases, shrinkage is caused by the absent of the right policies and procedures.

       Simply making few changes to your current policies and procedures can reduce your shrinkage level by as much as 84%…resulting in a 51% increase in profit.


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Why Are Retail Organisation Still Failing to Reduce Shrinkage?

      There are two reasons retail organisations have not been able to have a handle on their shrinkage.

The first reason is the retail industry does not focus on making profit.

The focus is only on making sales.

      If you focus on profit, you will realise that… 


to increase sales without stemming profit draining activities is false economy.


      Secondly, the current loss prevention strategies employed by most retail organisations is flaw.

      The reason for this is the majority of retail loss prevention managers are ex-service personnel.

      Who bring the law enforcement approach to a problem that has little to do with criminality.

The major cause of retail shrinkage is procedural error.

       However, in retail lexicon, shrinkage is another word for shoplifting or employee theft.

      When they think about shrinkage, the only thing many retailers think about is shoplifting or employee theft.

       Yes it is true that shoplifting and employee theft account for a large percentage of retail shrinkage.


However, shoplifting and employee theft are a symptom of deeper procedural errors within the retail organisation.


      When you take corrective measures to rectify procedure error within your retail organisation, you simultaneously stem shoplifting and employee theft.

Retail shrinkage also includes:

  • Administrative errors
  • Receiving error, fraud and theft
  • Vendor error, fraud and theft
  • Procedural errors

       Because the majority of retailers view shoplifting and employee theft as the sole cause of their shrinkage, when they embark on shrinkage reduction, they opt for the security approach.

      They place security officers at the entrance of their stores, hoping that will reduce their shrinkage.

      Indeed security officer at the entrance of a retail store can serve as a deterrence to amateur shoplifters.

       However, security officers do not prevent harden shoplifters from carrying on their activities.

      In fact, these days, the large percentage of shoplifting is conducted by Organised Retail Crime syndicates.

      Those are professional gangs who cannot be deterred by a weak looking security officer stood at entrance of your shop.


What Our Client Say

“Romeo is a brilliant consultant. From the beginning he asked thought provoking questions and he gained an in depth insight into my business. He then looked at 3 key areas of my website as to why sales weren’t converting and provided solutions. Not just that he made me re-think my goals and strategy for the business and had me look at how I was going to achieve this. Romeo really covered all areas of my business from the strategy to social media. He is a fantastic business consultant someone who will guide you through your business to achieve the best results!”

Abi Owens, Managing Director, Mish Mash Management, Soho, London, W1F



Organised Retail Crime (ORC): The New Dynamic In Shoplifting

      The emergence of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) into the world of shoplifting has introduced a completely new dynamic into the world of retail shrinkage.

       Traditionally, shoplifting was committed by individuals seeking survival, personal gain, or support of their habits.

Members of those Organized Retail Crime gangs do not match this description.

      Rather, they are gangs of well-organized, professional thieves who exhibit a level of sophistication never before witnessed in the retail industry.

ORC costs retailers millions annually with no signs of slowing down.

      A BBC report on ORC published on 11 January 2010 (Crime gangs ‘dominate shop theft’) illustrates just how much damage the ORC is capable of inflicting on retailers.

       They are capable of stealing up to £7,500 worth of merchandise within four minutes and almost £100,000 worth of merchandise daily.

      When you consider their operational sophistication, meticulous planning, and capability of walking away with thousands of pounds in merchandise, the ORC is truly a very real force to be reckoned with.

      The primary gang active in the UK is the 150 member strong Glasgow-based McGovern team.

       This gang has terrorized Scotland for many years, and is now branching out all over the UK.

It is conceivable that they are even spreading their reach into Europe.

      The most lethal ORC gangs can be found in the former eastern blocks as well as in the Republics that comprised the former Yugoslavia.

      Thousands of members strong, these gangs routinely hit retailers they perceive to be easy targets all around Europe.

      Due to the ease of inter-national travel in the EU, these individuals can very quickly and easily migrate from country to country perpetrating their crimes.

      What’s more, these gangs make use of fake and stolen credit/debit cards that they are able to use for ordering thousands of pounds worth of merchandise to false addresses, collecting the merchandise and disappearing into thin air.


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How To Reduce Shoplifting And Retail Shrinkage

      The first step in retail shrinkage reduction is for retailers to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem.

      Secondly, retailers need to understand that… 

shoplifting and retail employee theft are crimes of opportunity, you remove the opportunity and you remove the possibility.


      How can retailers remove the opportunity for shoplifting and employee theft from their store?

It can be done by firstly installing the right policies and procedures.

Secondly, providing your employees shoplifting and retail loss prevention training.

      As the below box illustrates a retail employee provided shoplifting awareness training is a more effective in shoplifting prevention than any other conceivable strategy.


Shoplifting & Retail Loss Prevention Training ROI

Method                                              Effectiveness

Trained Employees                              33%

CCTV Cameras                                     31%

Management                                         17%

EAS                                                         14%

Signs                                                       3%

Guards                                                    2%



      Retail employees trained in shoplifting prevention are more effective in shoplifting prevention than even security officers.

      Being aware of this fact, The Business Education Center developed the shoplifting & retail loss prevention training programme to help retailers provide their employees shrinkage reduction training.

      The shoplifting & retail loss prevention training programme is the only shoplifting loss prevention program that combined policy & procedure and techniques.

         The retail store manager shoplifting & retail loss prevention training contents are designed to provide retail store managers the requisite skill to make informed decision about shoplifting, loss prevention and shrinkage reduction. 


Course Contents 

Introduction to Loss Prevention

  • The fundamentals of retail loss prevention
  • Why it’s important that retail managers understand loss prevention
  • The retail manager’s role in loss prevention


Understanding Shrinkage

  • What is shrinkage?
  • Root cause of retail shrinkage
  • The impact of shrinkage on retail profit
  • How to prevent shrinkage


How to Prevent Employee Theft

  • Why employee steal?
  • The process of employee theft
  • Tell-tale signs of employee theft
  • How to prevent employee theft


How to Prevent Employee Error

  • Why does employee error occur?
  • What is the cost of employee error?
  • Types of employee error
  • How to prevent employee error


How to Prevent Shoplifting

  • How shoplifting occurs?
  • Why do shoplifting occur?
  • Visual merchandising display and store designs that facilitates shoplifting
  • How to display merchandise and design store to prevent shoplifting
  • Shoplifting hotspots
  • Shoplifting hot products
  • The impact of shoplifting on a retail store
  • How does Organised Retail Crime gangs operate?
  • How to prevent shoplifting


An Efficient Backdoor Receiving System

  • How to properly receive goods
  • How to train receiving staff
  • How does vendor theft and fraud occur?
  • How does supply chain deficiencies contribute to shrinkage?
  • How to create an efficient receiving system


How to Prevent Perishable Shrinkage (optional)

  • How does perishable shrinkage occur?
  • What is the impact of perishable shrinkage on a retail store?
  • Perishable shrinkage commandments
  • How to prevent perishable shrinkage


How to Prevent Non-Perishable Shrinkage

  • How does non-perishable shrinkage occur?
  • What is the impact of non-perishable shrinkage?
  • How to prevent non- perishable shrinkage?


How to Create a Culture of Loss Prevention

  • Why loss prevention is essential for the success of any retail business
  • How to get employee buy-in into loss prevention activities
  • What is the role of store manager and each department head in loss prevention


How to Use Loss Prevention Technology Effectively

  • What are the latest retail technologies?
  • What are their functionalities?
  • What are their ROI?
  • What questions should you answer before investing in retail loss prevention technology?



  • Retail store manager
  • Retail regional managers
  • Retail department managers
  • Retail department supervisors
  • Individuals aspiring to become retail store managers 



To book a place on the course:

  • Please contact: Cliff Richards
  • By Phoning: 020 8798 0579
  • Workshop date: third Wednesday of each month
  • Venue: Hilton London Olympia Hotel, 380 Kensington High St, London W14 8NL
  • Group booking discount: email- for group booking discount
  • Enquire about in-house training: email- for information about in-house training
  • Course fees: £397 per delegate

The session is limited to 30 participants to ensure maximum interaction.

So book early to avoid disappointment.


Shoplifting & Retail Loss Prevention Training

Shoplifting & Retail Loss Prevention Training

Course fees £397 per delegate




At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Effectively perform your role as the key person responsible for shrinkage reduction in your store
  • Competently assume leadership for loss prevention in your store
  • Effectively delegate loss prevention assignment to the appropriate member of staff
  • Detect employee theft in your store
  • Make your store a shoplifting free zone




Retail shrinkage has always been perceived as shoplifting or employee theft.

      As a result of this perception, the approach to loss prevention in many retail organisations is focused on catching customers or employees suspected of theft.

      Consequently, the majority of loss prevention training heavily lean towards providing participants with the skills required to recognise and catch thefts.

The Business Education Center understands that retail shrinkage goes way beyond theft.

      We are aware of the fact that retail shrinkage is caused by process & systemic failure, opportunity and human factor.

      Therefore, we are the only training organisation in Europe that has designed a loss prevention training programme to encompass all of those challenges.

      Our trainers have been on the frontline of retail loss prevention for many years, therefore all the case studies and examples provided during the training session are based upon practical experience.



      Romeo Richards’ first-hand experience within the retail industry and extensive knowledge of working in the security industry for many years, enabled him to develop the concept upon which the training modules are based.

Romeo has worked with Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Brantano.

      Romeo’s extensive knowledge of the Theory of Constraint (TOC) added a new dimension to the presentation of retail loss prevention.

Romeo holds a Masters Degree in International Relations.

      He has written 23 books, numerous articles, whitepapers and best practices on retail loss prevention, store design, visual merchandising display and how to increase retail sales.


100% Money Back Guarantee

I put my money where my mouth is. I ascribe to the concept that if the student have not learnt, the teacher have not taught.  

I take 100% responsibility for the outcome of my training. And during or after the morning session, if you are convinced I do not deliver on the goods I promise, we will refund your FULL investment plus up to £500 hotel accommodation and transport fare. No question asked




To book a place on the course:

  • Please contact: Cliff Richards
  • By Phoning: 020 8798 0579
  • Workshop date: third Wednesday of each month
  • Venue: Hilton London Olympia Hotel, 380 Kensington High St, London W14 8NL
  • Group booking discount: email- for group booking discount
  • Enquire about in-house training: email- for information about in-house training
  • Course fees: £397 per delegate. 

The session is limited to 30 participants to ensure maximum interaction of participants.

So book early to avoid disappointment.


Shoplifting & Retail Loss Prevention Training

Shoplifting & Retail Loss Prevention Training

 Course fees £397 per delegate


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