Small Business Marketing Workshop 

A Step By Step Marketing Training For Small Businesses  

“Because its purpose is to create customers, a business has two – and only two functions: Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results all the rest are cost”

~ Peter Drukker ~

Are you struggling to Attract New Customers to your Business?

 Do you want to attract truckload of new customers to your business?

How Romeo helped us!




Dear Friend,

      Is it possible for small businesses to attract truckload of new customers even if they do not have marketing resources?


      We have all been conditioned to believe that a business cannot attract new customers without spending lots of money on marketing.

      Marketing experts and agencies continue to sell us the bale of goods that it is impossible to attract customers and grow our business without money.

In fact the biggest of all lies is: it takes money to make money…

      What I want to tell you is this: it does not take money to make money…And I will show you how you can attract truckload of new customers who will be beating down your door wanting your product and/or service even if you have zip…nada…zero marketing resource.

      I can absolutely positively guarantee you that if you listen to what I am about to tell you, you will have more business than you can handle — repeat business from satisfied customers as well as word-of-mouth business from prospects who have heard great things about you.

      But at first, as with any thing, you’ve got to do more than hang up your shingle and wait for the phone to ring.

      You’ve got to make yourself known to the people out there who desperately need your product and/or service.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

      But maybe you are a little unsure of your ability to do that. Maybe you are feeling a little uneasy because there are so many “unknowns” staring you in the face right now.

      Chances are, there are dozens of questions running through your head. Questions that are keeping you from getting out there and selling your products and/or services with confidence. Questions that all small business owners and new start-ups have:

  • How do I go about selling my product and/or service through direct mail … or over the phone … or with a display ad … or online?
  • How should I approach businesses to convince them that my product and/or service can save them money and increase their profit margin?
  • How do I build a reputation in my marketplace? And what do I do in the meantime when a prospect asks for evident that my product works or that I can deliver?

Given time and experience, you’ll know all the answers. But why learn the hard way when I can give you the answers — right now?


You see…There are three types of entrepreneurs:

1) Entrepreneurs who are constantly making things happen

2) Entrepreneurs who watch things happen…and

3) Entrepreneurs who things keep happening to

No matter which of the three groups you may currently fall into, one thing is certain:

      You want your business to do more, have more, reach farther and achieve a lot more financial and business success.

      The problem is—at all three places on the entrepreneurial “continuum”— most people don’t know how to move up to the higher (let alone the HIGHEST) levels.

That’s where I can help.

      If you are a mover, shaker, doer—someone who’s always committed to action, achievement and maximizing opportunity—I can show you how to broaden your scope of opportunities AND see your business at a higher, broader sense of what’s possible.

      If you’re someone who tends to stagnate, contemplate and rarely initiate business growth activities or marketing expansion actions —-You need me to turn you from a mere business custodian into a business growth maximiser.

Just by shifting your thinking and focus, your business can quickly advance upward and forward at a rapid rate.

      FINALLY—if you’re someone who operates your business timidly, reactively, nonresponsively…OR you feel more like a spectator up in the stands than a player on the business field—I can totally change (no, make that totally transform) your thinking, actions and transactional capability.

Going from mediocrity to greatness as a business builder is probably the most exciting, fulfilling and engaging move you could make.

      It will animate your business spirit. It will stimulate your intellect. It will reinvigorate your entrepreneurial side and get it going and growing –for the first time in a long time (or, perhaps, for the first time EVER).

My point?

      I can help each category of entrepreneurs move up to the highest levels of proactive, strategic business achievement attainable.

Stated differently; I can turn high performers and achievers into super performers and overachievers. I can turn successful entrepreneurs into mega successful entrepreneurs. I can turn marketing green horns into marketing green berets. AND I can turn business wallflowers into confident, capable masterful marketers and powerful business builders.

      Plus, no matter which of the three categories you fall into now, I can multiply your short and long-term accomplishments AND financial success. But it gets better………

      I’ve concentrated my life work (as a business growth expert) on finding you the big upside leverage points that none of your competitors ever saw.

      I’ve focused my efforts on harnessing the powerful combined “profit forces” that business multipliers (working together in strategic combination) can make on your bottom line.

We can actually transform your business strategy in just a day’s time.

      In the process, I can also take you to a much higher level of performance capability on the business continuum.

      How can I do it for you?

      Through a breakthrough new one day business growth process called The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula for Growing Any Business Workshop.

      It’s a cutting edge eight hour long program I’ve engineered expressly for people wanting to move themselves up—both in performance level and business wealth-building skills.

      This workshop is totally specialised, intensively and comprehensively focused only on the three key business growth drivers:

  • Generating new customers
  • Increasing the volume per transaction to those customers
  • Increasing the frequency with which those customers buy

      To help you clearly appreciate how dramatically different this program is from any other (and every other) program and to ensure you’ve done your “due diligence” in arriving at your decision, I’ve tried to put myself in your place…were I the one deciding to attend…

What would I need to see, learn and understand about The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step For Growing Any Business workshop structure and content as well as Romeo’s teaching strategies — before I’d say, ‘YES, count ME in’?

           So contained within this letter are the specific questions which I would want answers to, if I were evaluating this opportunity for myself and my business.  

I think that’s a reasonable request.

      FOR INSTANCE: I’d want to know what all the components of the program are, why what has been included was chosen, and what my expected impact/outcome/tangible result of studying it or participating in it should be.


At the workshop you’ll discover such powerful and critical elements as:

The three step customer attraction process:

  • Crafting a persuasive marketing message
  • Identifying the right target market
  • Selecting the right media through which to channel the marketing message

How to use your website as an effective marketing tool:

  • The best website designs that increase traffic
  • The most effective traffic generation strategies
  • The most effective traffic conversion strategies
  • How to build high traffic website without spending a penny
  • How to get your website ranked number one on Google for free
  • The best free software for automating your web traffic process

How to use Barack Obama social media strategies that made him president

  • How to effectively use social media as a marketing tool
  • How to easily increase your following on social media
  • How to convert fans into paying customers and money in your bank
  • The best free software for automating your social media activities
  • How to create Facebook ad

How to effectively use the most effective persuasion tool ever developed

  • Five reasons why people don’t buy from you
  • How to persuade people to choose you over your competitors
  • How to conduct competitive analysis

Adverting lesson for dummies

  • How to write killer ads that get your phone ringing off the hook even if you have never written a sentence before
  • How to place free ads in multiple media
  • How to never pay a penny for ad

      You can see the topics to be covered at the workshop are truly the fundamentals of the business growth process.

      So if you want to propel yourself and your business far past whichever one of the three categories you are operating at now,

  – 2

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Workshop date: 7 February 2015

Venue: Hilton London Olympia Hotel, 380 Kensington High St, London W14 8NL

Group booking discount: email- for group booking discount

Enquire about in-house training: email- for information about in-house training


What My Clients Say

“Just my note of appreciation for providing such an excellent training. The clarity of your presentation demonstrates not only your understanding of marketing but also an extraordinary grasp of human behaviour and the science of persuasion. I am glad to have attended your training at this stage of my business. The lessons I learnt from you will prevent me from making the marketing mistakes most start-ups make. I am very confident that my marketing strategies will be based upon sound marketing principles”. Bev Marais, Online Therapy, Bayswater, London, W2


      With that stated, allow me to launch into my list of FOUR CRITICAL questions, which I will now answer to the best of my ability…  


Critical Question #1:

What’s included as reference materials as part of the workshop?

The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step For Growing Any Business is not just experiential.

It is very informational, educational and referential.

      I’ll be giving you resources so valuable, it’s almost like I’m opening up my private file cabinets, archives and library for you to immerse yourself in.

Here is the valuable reference workbook I will be giving out to you:

      This workbook is THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS BUILDING RESOURCE. It has extensive explanations, exercises, definitions, templates, detailed instruction, follow-up and review sections.

       It is hundreds of ideas, advice, strategies and tactics of priceless and permanent reference tools to enhance and advance your business progress.

      It’s broken down into scenarios, reports, and applications. You’ll turn to this volume again and again to reinforce and refine your marketing knowledge.

      It provides directions, guidance, answers, and solutions you can use for years to come.

      Use it as your secret weapon to transform your business after the event has been completed.

      It is the definitive, concept-by-concept… strategy-by strategy… step-by-step text book on how to engineer great marketing.


 Critical Question #2:

“How do you help me once I return home? What do you provide and how do you help grow my business profits AFTER the last day of the experience?”

                    Great question. It’s a question that I’d want answered, too! In fact, I believe this is one of the critical areas that distinguish my training  from all the others.

So here’s the truthful, candid and complete answer.

Phase one: Unedited Recording of the Entire Workshop

                   Following your extraordinary “live” Business Growth Blueprint; Three Step Formula For Growing A Business Workshop, you will receive a massive eight hour recording library of the actual complete event you attended.

      Unedited, unabridged, an unbelievable way to relive, review and re-share this extraordinary experience for years to come—for yourself and to share with your entire team.

      You will use this valuable resource over and over again because repetition is the mother of skill and listening to the recordings reinforces the concepts that were discussed during the live event.

       Your perspectives are changed and enhanced with each and every listening. You will always take away something new and different that you can apply to your business.

     During the live event, the ideas, breakthroughs, applications and concepts which could be immediately applied to your business will be coming at you so fast (and from so many directions), that you will be unable to keep track over the course of the day. Even with you taking copious notes!

   You might be temporarily overwhelmed with specific, targeted, “on point,” breakthrough applications, strategies and possibilities for you and your business.

      Having the recordings for posterity guarantees you the ability to review, reflect and refocus on topics that you mentally missed during the event, because you got so excited/exhilarated by a previously discussed concept.

I can’t afford that.

I won’t allow that.

      I can’t invest an entire day of my life and energies on custom, spontaneous contribution and immense creative marketing input to you and have one minute of that be lost for eternity.

      So I insist that every minute, every question, every session, every interaction, every speaker be preserved on video and audio for you to watch or listen to over and over again.

You can’t do that without these unedited training recording.


Phase Two: Three Months Of 90-Minute Marketing Makeover Time With Me

             Phase two of The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step for Growing Any Business — Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Monthly Skype Calls.

      I have learned that, left to your own devices, you go home transformed and potentially regress. Status quo is a diabolical and insidious enemy that can bring any high achiever down — if left to their own devices.

      I refuse to invest almost £100,000 worth of materials, and an entire day of my life in you, and then not have you experience the business breakthroughs you desire and deserve — and I expect! It would be wasteful.

It would be foolish.

      So after the recordings arrive and you’ve had a chance to review them, I will spend ninety minutes a month, every month, for three months with you and the rest of the group on a consultative group Skype call session.

It’s Yours For No Extra Cost

This Phase, all by itself, is realistically worth £6,000 in hard costs, but it has the potential of being worth many times that amount to you and your business.

      If you check on our website you will notice that annual membership of our coaching program is £24,000. So you are really getting a bargain here.

      Let me work through any problems, answer questions, solve your challenges and identify your under-the-radar opportunities.

         The follow up guidance, direction and advice can be the most important, useful and applicable component of the entire program.

      During this phase you’ll speak with my expert guests and/or me once a month for three months!

      Based upon past experience, I think it’s absolutely essential to assure your optimum success. We all need someone (or something) to hold us to a higher level of performance. This is it!

      This is priceless. To my knowledge, no other high-powered expert out there offers anything close to this (for a fee or otherwise).

Normally, they’re hit-and-run.

They do their lecture-based seminar, collect the money and leave.

I’m quite the opposite.

I want to ground you.

I want to develop you.

I want to instil the mindset.

I want to make sure you never forget one iota of what transpired.

I want to make sure that it gets implemented individually, and then customised to you.

I want to be there when you have a problem.

I want to share your successes with you.

It’s that simple.



 Critical Question #3:

Will there be other speakers at the event

               Let’s put it this way, I will be doing nearly all of the speaking, guiding (metaphorically speaking) — “by-the-hand,” through my mindset and thought processes. Why? Simple. I want you to get the greatest value and advantage for your investment. There may be a colleague or two surprise guests show up – but this is 100% me mentoring you.


 Critical Question #4:

How is The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula For Growing Any Business Workshop different from any of your other marketing and business growth training?

      There are three things I was never able to do for the lower priced programs in the past that make The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step For Growing Any Business a “must attend” workshop — if you are serious about staying in business today.

  1. Help you develop an overall “Action Plan” marketing strategy. (Previously I could only help people do this at £1000 a day.)
  2. Give tons of “real world” examples so that you understand each marketing concept as well (or maybe better) than most other marketing experts — because most of them don’t know how to translate theory into reality.
  3. Share my all-new, unique “Integrative Dynamics” marketing training process which produces such a high degree of accelerated, geometric and spectacular bottom line results.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

As you may or may not know, I specialize in developing your unique optimum marketing strategy. It’s the biggest upside leverage factor you have.

I have perfected a new teaching process.

      I have combined a process where I teach you each concept — including how to develop your marketing strategy — with tons of illustrative examples of what works and how other businesses have applied each principle.


Why You Need To Be At The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula For Growing Any Business Workshop…

Today, in a world that’s full of ruthless competition, better-educated consumers and dozens or hundreds of alternative means to achieve the same ultimate desired result, you must become a world-class marketer. There is no other option for your future business success.

  You must become the most strategic thinker and marketer in your business sector. You must constantly engineer breakthroughs in marketing, strategy and innovation.  



Following are just six of the critical benefits you’ll experience in your personal and business life as a result of this workshop:

Critical Benefit #1:  You’ll discover how to turn your business into a powerful wealth-building machine capable of creating the economic lifestyle you want.

Critical Benefit #2:  You’ll soar to new heights of personal development and create a bottom line growth strategy uniquely suited to your business strengths and weaknesses.

Critical Benefit #3: You’ll “reverse-engineer” your very own fully integrated, customised business flight plan to finally achieve your lofty business goals.

Critical Benefit #4: You’ll learn to unleash the explosive force of mastermind, collaborative effort and gain a truly “world class” business perspective before you leave to go home.

Critical Benefit #5: You’ll walk away with both a “big picture” marketing model (a conceptual control centre) to quickly build your business.

Then you’ll gain the specific tactical actions necessary to make the picture a financial reality.

Critical Benefit #6: You’ll discover how to make the paradigm shift to strategy focus and build your marketing supremacy.

I Believe I Can Transform Your Business In Ways No Other Expert Can (or will) Possibly Do

             Quite frankly, there are not a lot of marketing experts in the UK at this moment better skilled, experienced (and trained) to transfer a master-level education in strategic marketing to you than I.

      And if you’ve got anyone else out there today willing to stand up and take responsibility for transforming your business into the marketing powerhouse it needs to be and who’ll go way, way, way out on a limb and GUARANTEE TO DO IT FOR YOU OR NOT BE PAIDdefinitely use them.

Not me.

I sincerely mean that.

                But, if you don’t have anyone else you trust… anyone else who has spent over £100,000 being trained by the best business and marketing experts in the world, who has written 21 books on effective marketing and business growth strategies…


What My Clients Say

“Romeo is a brilliant consultant. From the beginning he asked thought provoking questions and he gained an in depth insight into my business. He then looked at 3 key areas of my website a rs to why sales weren’t converting and provided solutions. Not just that he made me re-think my goals and strategy for the business and had me look at how I was going to achieve this. Romeo really covered all areas of my business from the strategy to social media. He is a fantastic business consultant someone who will guide you through your business to achieve the best results!”

Abi Owens, Managing Director, Mish Mash Management, Soho, London, W1F



A Corporate Training Firm 3d
A Business Coaching Firm 3d
  If you don’t know anybody who’s got multiple business growth training program in the marketplace in industry as diverse as private medical practice, dental practice, restaurant, law and accounting firm growth… you should seriously consider being one of the entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who attend this landmark marketing event.
dental image
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      This will be the first time I’ve offered this cutting edge program in the UK to anyone. And the version you’ll be experiencing is guaranteed to be the best, most actionable and content-rich seminar of mine you’ll ever experience.

      The modest price we’re charging, as you will see, is a mere pittance compared to what your payback will be to you. It is inconsequential compared to what it will be over the life of your business.

      If you want your business to keep going and growing, to go from surviving to thriving in the decade (and decades) to follow, you must attend The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula For Growing Any Business Workshop.

      If you do, this will be the best investment of time, opportunity cost and modest capital you’ll make in your business life. If you don’t attend, it will be a tragic waste that you’ll regret for years to come.

Five Lame Reasons NOT To Grow Your Business 

             I hear some utterly and wildly ludicrous reasons from entrepreneurs as to why they avoid taking the crucial steps that will grow their business.

      They are so preposterously silly that I decided to use them as the framework, on why YOU must turn a critical eye on the way you currently approach your marketing — for the financial wellbeing of your business and your life.

      I hope that I do not unintentionally embarrass YOU by citing a specific lame rationalisation you may be hiding behind. But if the shoe fits…well, perhaps some sobering re-evaluation of logic is called for on your part.

Shall we begin? (Are YOU ready for some laughs?)


Lame Reason One:

“I’m doing as much as I can and if I get more business I can’t handle it.”

                If you are making all the income you want … If you are producing all the results and response your marketing efforts and possibilities can possibly afford, then maybe that response would be tolerable — not acceptable, but tolerable.

Business Logic 101

                 Working harder than you should for less financial payoff than you could be getting is illogical. Why would you NOT want to find out how to multiply results and maximize your time, efforts and make your business work harder for you? 

  By learning how to wring more profitability from each transaction, client, effort or product and/or service, you get greater yield from the same people, business and the same eight hour day.  

Who Wouldn’t Want Increased Results?

                Who in their right mind would not want that potential for dramatic increased results? Who could possibly accept the sub-optimised level of achievement they are currently at — just because they cannot figure out (on their own) how to multiply yield without multiplying effort, time, staff or expense?

So shame on anyone who accepts whatever glass ceiling they let hover over their business today.     

-Lame Reason Two:

“I have a ton of other marketing materials that I need to read/listen to —before I can justify changing anything I am doing.”

      If you have not read or listened to this material in the last year…or two, or three — what makes you possibly think you will do it now?

      Why wouldn’t you want me to personally teach, guide and translate all those unread, unlistened-to materials into real actionable state-of-the-art strategy  you can finally do something with immediately?

Or are you someone who really does not crave all the growth, profitability and success that you purport you want your business to generate? 

Delusional Thinking

                     People who don’t act in 12-36 months have a 95% statistical probability of not acting at all—on their own.

If you are one of them, why keep deluding yourself?      

Look, owning a bunch of books, CDs or DVDs you don’t use is a cop-out.

      Action, application, implementation, execution and follow-through are the only things that produce results.

Nothing will ever happen until you finally take productive action.   

Lame Reason Three:

“My business is different. Your business building strategy does not work for our industry

–       If you really and truly want to see your business grow and multiply and you do not think I can do it for you—yet you are doing nothing, but hoping, waiting, avoiding and being suffocated by the status quo — you, my friend, are only cheating yourself. Period.  

 Lame Excuse Four:

“I am too small to implement anything you come up with; I do not have the resource to implement them.”

       What this “rationalisers” is really saying is you do not have the willingness to reach out for greater success, earn multiplied income or engineer monster-level prosperity.

      I am fine with that — But I probably know more no cash, no infrastructure marketing methods than everyone else combined!      

      Saying you cannot learn how to double, even redouble your income makes no sense. Saying you will not learn how to market without capital makes no sense.

      Saying you are too small and want to remain tiny and irrelevant forever is outright lying to yourself.        

Lame Reason five:

“I have already attended other marketing seminars. What possibly could I learn from this one?” (My blood boils when I hear this lame excuse for poor execution.)

               Describe and list of all the tests, risk reversals, bonuses, strategic alliances and new revenue sources that you have used since you attended your last training.

I am sure you can’t!

You probably have not done anything…Nothing….Nada….Zip  with the information you got!

      So again, what you are really saying to yourself is that you only “play act” at growing your business.

      You obviously do not really want to see it grow and prosper continuously — or you will be the first one to do so, and strategize your implementation plan.

My Point? To Your Own Self (And Business) Be True

                 My point is simply (to quote Shakespeare), “To thine own self be true.”

      If you are scared, paralyzed, unwilling, unable, uncertain that you really do want or deserve the success you have told others you crave — just be truthful with yourself.

      Acknowledge the truth, then sit on the side-lines as a spectator and watch other businesses grow and prosper.


Looking for a scapegoat in all the wrong places is not the answer.

Go to any mirror and point an accusatory finger at it to find the real culprit/villain.

Doing What It Really Takes

       If your business does not have the success, prosperity, income or growth you crave and you AREN’T willing to do what it really takes to make that happen — blame yourself; not the seminars.

Finally Taking Action

      But if (upon second thought) you ARE ready, willing — and, above all, able to take the action necessary to stimulate the growth you are after — the solution to any problem you struggle with is really in your hands. Just sign up for The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step For Growing Any Business Workshop today.

      Only if you do something, take action, make something happen can your situation meaningfully change.

You need to get your mind and business in gear and put your marketing strategy into overdrive.

You need to come to The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step For Growing Any Business Workshop.


Book your place by clicking on the “Register Now” button


The Case for Coming–Why You Should Take Action Immediately…

      There are two really important, perhaps vital, reasons why you should register immediately. I can’t make it any simpler than this…

Reason #1:

We will sell out this program. And once we do, you won’t have the option of attending, PERIOD.

The clock is ticking…

Reason #2:

There is an early bird discount of £100  if you act today. So instead of investing £197  if you act today, you’ll be investing only £97.00.

Remember this discount only last till the 22 of January after which you will have to invest the full fees of £197.00  if you wanted to attend this business game changer  event.


Book your place by clicking on the “Register Now” button


Thank you for your time.





I put my money where my mouth is. I ascribe to the concept that if the student have not learnt, the teacher have not taught.

 I take 100% responsibility for the outcome of my training. And during or after the morning session, if you are convinced I do not deliver on the goods I promise, we will refund your FULL investment plus up to £500 hotel accommodation and transport fare. No question asked



      In the unlikely event that you can’t make the schedule of the event you can choose the  Home Study version of the Program on a very, very advantageous basis.

And you can test drive it for 30 days before we will consider your purchase final.

Register your interest in the Home Study Version by emailing:


Least I forget.

      We will also be doing few hot seats. What this means is handful of lucky individuals or businesses will have their current marketing strategies, websites and other marketing collateral dissected and critic live on stage.

We will advise them on any improvement required to increase their conversion rate.  



      Every attendee will leave the seminar with a complete actionable marketing plan they can begin to implement the very moment they arrive home.

We will follow up with them during the monthly calls to ensure they are implementing them.


      You have committed a large portion of your life and livelihood to your business. And you know that assuming you give your customers good products and/or services, that effective marketing is the key to the success you want.

      So why not give yourself a fighting chance for that success by attending The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula For Growing Any Business Workshop?

Again, give yourself the break you deserve and,

Book your place clicking on the “Register Now” button



      I am feeling generous today so this is what I am going to do: the first 20 people who register will receive an electronic copy of my: How to Market and Manage book series plus my bestselling Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula For Growing Any Business Both electronic and physical product (DVD, audio and workbook).

      When you book now within a few minutes you will have your hands on the electronic copy of The Business Growth Blueprint: Three Step Formula For Growing Any Business and the physical copy will be with you 48 hours from now.  

Book your place by clicking on the “Register Now” button

And get your hands on your free gifts in minutes


      An undisclosed bonus worth ten thousand pounds (£10,000). This bonus is only for the first 10 people  who register.  

      So you will get the first and second fast action bonus if you register now and become one of the first ten people. 

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