Store Design Blueprint: Strategies for Designing a Beautiful Retail Store

Retail store design

Retail store design blueprint

After selecting the space for your retail store, a few other items need to be put in place, such as creating the blueprint for the building process.

Included in the design should be an area to view video tape for retail loss prevention purposes.

It is important to have this put in place prior to the store opening so it can be properly tested.



Design the Floor Space First

The floor space where the items will be displayed should be designed first.

While this may seem backwards, it is the most important space of the entire location.

Design folded cubby style display areas, which are space conservation tactics along with traditional floor racks or stacking shelves.

Customers should have ample space to maneuver around the floor area without feeling cramped.


Store design

Retail store design blueprint

Create a Space for Dressing Rooms and a Checkout Counter

It is ideal to have the dressing rooms near the store for loss prevention purposes as well as for design purposes.

If it is near the checkout area, more clerks will be available to assist customers and the service will be quicker.

It also helps you to monitor how many garments go in and out of each dressing room.

There should be a sitting area available for guests of the shoppers too.


retail store design

Retail store design blueprint

Design the Storage space and Employee Area

The back third of the space should be for storage, employee office space, break rooms and restrooms.

A control room or manager’s office should also be in this space.

Secure entries and exits should be made for all employees, especially those leaving the store after dark.

A specific blueprint design should be constructed with the help of a skilled commercial builder.

Approve the blueprints in-person after carefully examining them.

Ensure that each step of the building process is staying on schedule and is being completed properly.


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 In this fiercely competitive retail environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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