Story Selling: How to Tell The Story of Your Business – Part One

What the origin story of your business

What the origin story of your business

When someone visits your website for the first time, what are they greeted with?

Are they greeted with one of those boring…we do this and that text?

Are you aware that prior to visiting your website, the person already know what you do?

In most instances, they were directed to your website because of the keyword phrase they typed into the search engine.

Therefore, they already know what you do.

      Consequently, the question they want answered when they are on your website is… why are you different from your competitors?

Most websites and marketing collateral fail to answer this critical question.

      Many businesses attempting to answer this question focus on the feature and benefit of their products or services.

      When someone ask you the question…why should I choose you over your competitor, the answer they are seeking has nothing to do with the functionalities of your product or service.

      It is true that in certain circumstances, it would be good to know that your product works or that you can deliver on your promise.

      However, in most instances, what prospects seek is not the functionalities of your product, but your story.

      They want to know the story behind your company, or the story behind the creation of your product or service.

      The ability to tell your story better than your competitors will place you on the side of the angels.

Remember, people buy emotionally but justify their decision logically.

      The story that makes someone feel you are one of them, is a stronger USP than ’30 minutes or less or it’s free’.


How to Create a Magnetic Story

The story behind Lance

The story behind Lance

Who won the Tour De France 2015?

Do you want to guess?

Unless you are a cycling enthusiast, chances are, you do not know.

      But ask someone deep in the Amazon jungle who is Lance Armstrong, and they will tell you his entire life story.

Who won the Masters this year?

Chances are you do not even know what the Masters is, or who won it.

      Ask someone deep in the African jungle who Tiger Woods is, and they will recite his entire life story.

      When the Williams sisters dominated female tennis, a lot of people became interested in female tennis because of the story of the Williams sisters.

      These are just a few examples of how people have been able to use their stories to effectively market themselves and their sport.

      These days even the mainstream media has caught up to the fact that viewers do not respond well to dry news stories.

This is the reason when they report stories, they find individuals to make the face of the stories.

Fact tells but story sells.

      As a business, if you want your prospects to feel you are like them, you need to tell your story.

Story selling works in any business no matter the type or size of the business.

As humans, we have been conditioned from a young age to love stories.

All of our early learnings where done through stories.

      But how do you construct a story that will spear through the heart of the most cynical audience?

That will be the subject of discussions in part two of this article series.  


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