Story Selling: How to Tell The Story of Your Business – Part Two

Virgin is Richard Branson story

Virgin is Richard Branson story

What are the components of a good business story?

I am not sure where I read the statement by a successful entrepreneur that most overnight success takes about twenty years.

When people see a successful business venture, they have no idea the amount of effort that was exerted to achieve that success.

      And every successful venture, whether it is Apple, Microsoft or HSBC bank, has a story behind it.

      When an Olympic gold medallist stands on the podium to receive his medal, behind the smiles is years of sweat and blood.

      This is the reason successful individuals and businesses ensure the stories behind their success endures forever.

Samsung phones have similar functionalities as iPhones.

      Yet people are prepared to cough out five or sometimes ten times the cost of a Samsung phone for an iPhone.

The reason for that is, those who buy iPhone do not buy the phone.

They buy the Steve Jobs story.

What is the story behind Samsung?

Amazon, Google and other massive companies have tried taking on iPhone and failed.


Apple is the story of Steve Jobs

Apple is the story of Steve Jobs

They do not have the Steve Jobs story.


How to Construct Your Business Story

A good origin story starts with the struggle.

Think of the origin story of Christianity.

According to the storyteller, on Friday, Christ was crucified…struggle.

On Sunday, he rose from the dead…breakthrough

Then he ascended to heaven…redemption.

Your business story of origin needs to take similar structure.

You start by telling your struggle to build your business.

What you are telling your audience with your story of struggle is, I was once like you.

Then you go into the time you made the breakthrough and when you finally arrived.

Do not underestimate the power of your story of origin.   

      Most successful individuals or businesses neglect to tell their stories of origins for which reason their market lose connection with them.

Or sometimes, people think they have told their stories so much that people are tired of hearing it.

There is a reason movies go to DVD.

Movie makers know that people will watch a movie they love several times.

Have you never watched a movie you love several times?

Why do you think your story of origin is different?

It does not matter the amount of times you tell it, people will still listen.

      So instead of telling visitors to your website what your product or service does, try telling them your story of origin and see the response you will receive.

And please don’t make it sound boring.

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