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Truth be told, I felt really guilty when I heard the news of Tesco’s Philip Clarke resignation this morning.

I felt like I had mounted a personal media witch-hunt campaign against him.

      All of my articles and press releases using Tesco as a case study I think contributed to his decision to jump off the cliff.

      I want Mr. Clarke to understand that there was nothing person in my assault against him and Tesco I was just stating what I perceived as a fact…Tesco has lost its magic under his leadership.

However, will his anointed successor Dave Lewis turn Tesco’s profit around for the better?

I don’t think so…not from what I have read about him so far.

Will he be worse than Philip Clarke?

Maybe not.

However, I don’t think he will be any better.

      Since I heard of Dave Lewis appointment as the new Tesco chief this morning, I have been scouring the internet trying to find anything that will indicate to me that he is the right person to move Tesco forward, I see no evident of that.

      Aside from achieving a 30% per year growth in South East Asia in Unilever, I see nothing else to indicate to me that he has the necessary skill to pull Tesco from the abyss.

I think it is going to be like one of those football management replacements.

      You know the Chelsea FC scenario…changing managers one manager after the other hoping that one of them might just deliver the goods without addressing the fundamental problem.

What’s the fundamental issues with Tesco?

There are two fundamental issues with Tesco:

  • Reduction in sales
  • Increase in shrinkage level

So why is Tesco sales down and its shrinkage level up?

Those are the answers I feel Mr. Lewis does not have at present.


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Tesco New Gamble

If he went into the job like Mr. Clarke did hoping that the approach that Sir Terry used to succeed years ago will work in the new retail environment, I think he will be in for a nasty surprise.

My friends said the jury is still out as to whether he will succeed.

I gut feelings tells me he will not succeed.

I hope I am wrong.

I am just wondering about when will Marks & Spencer decide the time is right to feed Marc Bolland to the lions?

 Philip Clarke will be needing someone to play golf with soon.






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