The Case For Consultant Or Coach In Small Businesses…Part One

His lover is the enemy what will he do? If only he had a coach or consultant

His lover is the enemy what will he do? If only he had a coach or consultant to confide in

The cover of the September issue of ‘People Management’ magazine was entitled:

Who will you promote?”

      Then there were two images positioned situated parallel each other.

The caption under the first image read:

The one who hits her target every month”.

And the caption under the second image read: “The one who doesn’t (but is the CEO’s nice)”.

The comment under the images read:

When right or wrong isn’t the answer – Hr’s guide to ethical decision making”.

      The magazine cover is a brilliantly depiction of the types of dilemmas decision makers are faced with constantly in the workplace.

In a working environment remunerations and promotions should be based upon merit.

At least that’s what its says on the tin.

However, in practice, seldom is that the case.

      Therefore, the question the issue was attempting to answer is: what do HR professionals do when faced with situations they did not study for in school?


The Small Business Owner Dilemma 

This article is not about morality in the workplace.

      The example was used to highlight the fact that there are times in as business owners that we are faced with situations we are ill-equipped to handle.

The types of situations that we were not taught in school.

A good example might be what to do when the cheque of your best client bounce.

What will you do?

Continue serving them or pull the plug to mitigate the risk?

 It is at times like those that small business owners need coaching or consulting.

      A business coach or consultant will not make the decision for you, but they will help reach the right conclusion.

retail store

The president makes the final call but he has coaches and consultants to advice him

      Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the president of the United States to make decisions.

      However, he is surrounded by dozens of advisers who help him in his decision making process.

      CEOs of big businesses surround themselves with other highly skilled people like themselves who assist them when making major decisions.


But many small business owners who in fact really need coaching frown at the idea of having a coach.

They view coaching as an expense.

A good coach is never an expense.

      Coaches and consultants provide businesses access to expertise they need but cannot afford to hire in-house.

 But most importantly, coaches and consultant provide fresh perspective.

There is a saying ‘When you are in the frame, you do not see the picture’.

      Most small business owners end up developing blind spots to issues in their businesses making it difficult for them to identify bottlenecks.

What's the benefit of having a business coach or consultant?

What’s the benefit of having a business coach or consultant?

      A coach or consultant could easily spot a bottleneck that a business owner might be struggling to identify for weeks sometimes even months.

      As a consultant, there are times when I feel like fraud because the answers I provide clients are blatantly obvious.

      Some clients appreciate the fact that you provided them an instant answer, while others feel cheated because at the end of the exercise they too realised how blatantly obvious the answer was.

      What does not occur to those types of clients is the reason the coach or consultant is able to provide them the answer is they have the expertise.

It does not occur to them that two minutes answer might have taken two decades to learn.

      It’s like the Olympic 100 meters champion. It takes about nine seconds to win an Olympic 100 meters gold medal.

However, it take four years of preparation to achieve that nine seconds of victory.

      Coaches and consultants have already completed the four years of preparation for you, let them provide you the nine seconds answer.  



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      In this fiercely competitive business environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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