The Guaranteed Secret Code To Oscars Glory For Black Actors

Is Hollywood racist?

Is Hollywood racist?

Is Hollywood racist?

Is the Oscars really a “The White People’s Choice Awards” or are black actors/film makers playing the race card to compensate for their ineptitude? 



Hollywood is neither racist nor are black actors/film makers less talented than their white counterparts.

The problem is most black folks still do not understand how the system work.

I will return to what i mean by system later in the article.

We have an image of a perfect world, therefore we are unwilling to develop the necessary skills and sophistications to operate in the real world.


Is The Oscars Racist?

Is Hollywood really racist?

Is Hollywood for white folks?

Is the Oscars rigged in favour of Whites, I don’t necessarily buy that assertion.

Like most institutions, when The Academy Awards was established, it was indeed “The White People’s Choice Awards”.

But times have changed.

Are there still traces of racism in the process?


You bet there is.

Is racism the determining factor as to who gets nominated?

Absolutely not.


How Does The Oscars Nomination Process Work?

How did this film win an Oscar?

How did this film win an Oscar?

After watching ‘Revenant’ and ‘Creed’, I reached the conclusion that black actors/film makers had a point in their assertion that the Oscars nomination process was rigged.

Oscar nominations were not based purely on talent or quality of films.

There was nothing qualitative about ‘Revenant’, neither was DiCaprio’s acting worthy of an Oscar nomination let alone an award.

I am a marketing consultant.

As part of my development, I have made it a habit of watching all of the Oscar nominated and the most popular films.

I watched ‘American Hustle’ the night of the Oscars.

I remember coming out of the cinema thinking to myself, bloody hell, how can such a bad film get 10 Oscar nominations.

I had similar feelings after watching ‘Birdman’.

Yet ‘Birdman’ went on to win the best picture category beating magnificent film like ‘Theory of Everything’.

How can anyone in their rightful mind vote for ‘Birdman’ over ‘Theory of Everything’?

After watching ‘Revenant’ and ‘Creed’, I have stopped wondering.

I think I found the answer.

I have finally decoded the Oscars nominations voting process.

Listen up black actors/fim makers, this is the secret code to Oscar glory.


Why Should Hollywood Be Different From The Rest Of Society?

Spot the brother or sister in this photo

Spot the brother or sister in this photo

Before I get into the secret source of Oscar nominations, let me first address the issue of race head on.

Whenever, I hear black folks complaining about racism in certain sections of society, the question that goes through my mind is…Why should that particular section be different from any other section of society?

This is particularly prevalent in sport.

FIFA keeps fighting a losing battle against racism in football but it continues unabated.

Reason: football players and fans are part and parcel of society.

I am writing this article on March 1st 2016.

As I write, not a single member of the British cabinet is black.

Will you suggest the British Prime Minister is racist?

The City of London is considered the most cosmopolitan and progressive city in Europe.

How many black CEOs are there in ‘The City’?

How many black MEP are there in the European Parliament?  

I could go on and on about sections of the Western society that are completed devoid of ethnic minority representation.

Therefore, for anyone to think that Hollywood is going to be different is smoking something very strong.

However, I am not suggesting that lack of ethnic representations in those institutions or sections of society necessarily make them racist.

That is the way things have always been and that’s the way it will continue to be.

Black folks need to get over the behaviour of screaming racism every time things don’t go our way.

when we have our own planet, we can rearrange things. 

For now it is set.

we can take it or jump over London bridge.


Racism Or Rigged System?

How did this film win an Oscar?

How did this film win an Oscar?

I don’t know if many of those fuelling the so-called Hollywood racism claim realise that director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is a Mexican immigrant to the US.

How come the Mexican immigrant is winning Oscars with crappy films?

What is it that he know that black Americans do not know?

This is what he knows: marketing is better than mastery.

This is the other thing he know: winning awards these days is not about talent.

It is about knowing how to work the system.

I am not suggesting that everyone who has ever won an Oscar, does not deserve it.

There are lots of great actors who truly deserve their Oscar nomination and awards.

In the same token, there are lots of Oscar nominated actors and films that did not deserve their nominations or awards.

There is absolutely no way DiCaprio got the Oscars because he was the most amazing actor last year.

Neither did Senor Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu receive the Oscar because he was the most brilliant director.

What those guys know that black actors/film makers do not know is, the system can be gamed.

The entire Western system is already rigged in a way that has nothing to do with race or colour.

The system is simply rigged.

If black folks understand this and simply work the system instead of attempting to work against it, everything will work out fine for us.

Let me give a simple example to further illustrate this point.


The Roadmap To British Premiership

The path to prestige and power in the UK

The path to prestige and power in the UK

Almost everyone in the British Parliament went to Eton, public school and Oxford.

This is how it has been since the very first person was elected to the British Parliament hundreds of years ago.

The same thing applies to many institutions in the UK.

Almost all of the people at the top of UK institutions are from Eton, Oxford, Cambridge, Kings College London or London School of Economics.

Therefore, if someone want to rise to the top in the UK, the steps are straight forward:

Attend Eton, Oxford, Cambridge, Kings College London or London School of Economics.  

It that fair?

Welcome to planet earth mate!

I don’t know, you will need to ask someone higher than me about that.

I was not there when all this stuff was put together.

If it really bothers you, you could go to the Vatican, I was told the Pope is his messenger on earth.   

All I am doing in this article is providing you a roadmap.


The Oscar Winning Roadmap

Roadmap to Oscar glory

Roadmap to Oscar glory

If you were to ask many black British the reason there has not been a black Prime Minister in the UK, they will tell you the establishment will not allow.

Well, I have just provided a simple roadmap for getting into the establishment.


What if they cannot afford to attend Eton?

Well, it’s just too bad.

In fact I take that back.

Black folks cannot afford to attend Eton or they do not want to afford to attend Eton?

Incidentally, I recently had this discussion with a friend of mine whose daughter was offered a place in Kings College London but declined it because “it was too expensive”.

Meanwhile, my friend goes on a minimum of five holidays a year.

Yet, he cannot afford his daughter’s school fees to give her a shot at greatness.

I’m a marketing consultant, I get that story all the time from our people.

I will pitch a doctor who has a £50,000 Land Rover parked outside his office, who recently returned from a £5,000 holiday and he will tell me he cannot afford £1,000 to improve his business.

Can the doctor not afford £1000 to better his life or does he not want to afford it?

You might be thinking to yourself now, but what does all of the ranting have to do with black actors/film makers winning an Oscar.

This is it.


Alejandro’s Oscar Strategy

Oscar winning strategy even if you have a crappy film

Oscar winning strategy even if you have a crappy film

Do you think Senor Alejandro produces a film and keeps his fingers crossed hoping that he wins an Oscars?

You are smoking something to think that way.

No one wins two Oscars in a row for crappy films if they are that daft.

He maps out his entire Oscar strategy from start to finish.

When Senor Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu decided he wanted to direct an Oscar winning film, he asked himself:

  • What do all of the previous Oscar winning films have in common?
    What type of story will I tell?
  • What type of cast should I assemble?
  • Who should be my cinematographer?
  • Who should be my costume designer?
  • What do I need to do to promote the film?

His two Oscar winning films were based upon universal stories.

Being a Mexican, he could have told stories about Mexican drug lords.

They could be box office hits.

But would they win him an Oscars?

I doubt that.

If you check the story lines of many of the films that have won Oscars, you will notice they were mostly universal stories that appealed to the majority of people.

Even foreign language films, in most cases, have universal themes.

Next to his universal storyline, he assembles a cast of A-list actors, hires an Oscar winning cinematographer, then hires a PR agency to plant contents in prestigious media.


Leo’s Oscar Winning Strategy

Dicaprio's Oscar strategy

Dicaprio’s Oscar strategy

When Leonardo DiCaprio decided to accept his role in ‘Revenant’, he did not just perform and sit fingers cross hoping the judges might have pity on him?

Or hope that they will see how talented an actor he is?

He had been cast alongside the best actors alive and he did not win an Oscar.

Do you think he simply sat and left things to chance?


He is not that stupid.

He hires his own PR agency to plant contents about his brilliance in major media and social media before the film came out.


The Schwarzenegger Strategy

Schwarzenegger  movies success strategy

Schwarzenegger movies success strategy

Arnold Schwarzenegger will go down in history as probably the worst actor ever.

Maybe not, he might need to fight it out with Daniel Craig.

Yet, he is one of the richest and most successful actors in Hollywood.


How can that be?

Well, in his book ‘Total Recall’ he gave away his secrets…Marketing.

Remember that phrase?

Marketing is better than mastery?

He said when he is given a script, the first question he ask is, what is the marketing strategy?

And unlike other actors who leave the marketing of their films to marketing agencies, he gets fully involved in the marketing of his films.

He is willing to travel to the end of the earth to promote his films.

The same goes for Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone or George Clooney.

These guys might not be the best actors in Hollywood.

But they understand the simply principle: marketing is better than mastery.

I am not suggesting these guys are all shitty actors.

All I am saying is, they understand that marketing is the most important aspect of showbiz.

So they are prepared to do whatever it takes to market their films.

Most importantly, they know the difference between their product and their business.

What do I mean by product and business?

As actors, their products is acting.

When they are on set, they are delivering their product, which is acting.

However, when they are off set, they are entrepreneurs involved in the business of acting.

This is the most critical point of this article.

Many black actors/film makers confuse their deliverables with their business, which is the reason they get into trouble.

As an actor, you are in the business of acting.

This means, you are responsible for producing the product, which is standing in front of the camera, operations…ensuring you are on site, finance and above all marketing/promotion.

Leonardo DiCaprio knows the difference, which is the reason he walked home with the Oscar for such crappy performance.

Senor Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu knows the difference, which is why his crappy films keeps winning Oscars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows the difference, which why even though he is the worst actor in the history of acting, his is one of the richest.  

I hear you say but black film makers cannot afford to hire A-list stars or Oscar winning cinematographer?

Only big studios can afford those types of expenses.

Therefore, black film makers should hire their high school nephews to shoot their films and expect Oscar for films shot on a crappy camera.

I call bullshit on that.


The Problem With Black Film Makers

The reason black movies don't get nominated

The reason black movies don’t get nominated

Here is the problem with black entertainers for which reason we struggle to make the big time.

Firstly, most black films are not universal.

They cover storylines that are uniquely black.

Secondly, like my friend who goes for five holidays but is unwilling to pay his daughters’ tuition.

The black doctor who has a £50,000 Land Rover but is unprepared to pay £1000 to improve his business, many black actors/film makers spend their money on something else.

We feel it’s too expensive to hire A-list actors, so we make do with B and C list actors.

As for hiring Oscar winning cinematographer, are you crazy, black folks cannot afford such expensive talent.

Promotion, who can afford expensive PR agency?

DiCaprio could.

That’s why he walked home with the Oscar.

Is someone telling me Will Smith cannot afford a top rated PR agency?

He can.

But who wants to spend top dollar on PR agency or an Oscar winning cinematographer when we need the money for our bimmer?

Give me a break.

Hollywood racism is simply a convenient excuse for our inability to properly strategize.


Marketing Is Better Than Mastery

Marketing is better than mastery

Marketing is better than mastery

Who is the greatest footballer ever?

Pele. Is he black or white?

Who is the greatest basketball player ever?

Michael Jordan. Black or white?

Who is the greatest boxer ever?

Mohammed Ali. Black or white?


When Nelson Mandela died, the flags of nations around the world were flown at half-mast.

Was he black or white?

We need to stop thinking that the world is going to adjust to suit us.

Is it true that white folks have a head start over us because of slavery and colonisation?

You’re damn right.

What does slavery and colonisation have to do with black actors/film makers winning Oscar?

Your guess is as good as mine.

We now live in the world were the only colour that matters is green.

Not black, not white but green.

Benjamin Franklin is what matters in the world today.

You have the big Ben and you are willing to invest it, instead of spending it on bimmer, Oscar glory is yours.


Next Action Steps

How to win an Oscar

How to win an Oscar

Next year 2017 there is going to be another Oscar ceremony.

Call for ‘Affirmative Action’ is not going to give Will Smith an Oscar.

Neither is Spike Lee’s next film going to get an Oscar because he went on CNN.


It’s not going to happen that way.

I have laid out the steps for Oscar glory:

  • Have a vision for whether you want to make an Oscar winning film, a blockbuster or a classic
  • Choose a universal theme
  • Hire A-list actors
  • Hire Oscar winning directors
  • Hire Oscar winning cinematographer
  • And for f…ck sake promote, promote and promote

Sell those bimmers if need be.

But for heaven sakes, I don’t want to hear black actors/film makers whining about not receiving the Oscar because they are black.


I have provided an easy to use roadmap.

Go ahead and use it.

Good luck bros and sis.


# # # #

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