Training Employees to Prevent Shoplifting From Your Retail Store

preventing shoplifting from a retail store

How to prevent shoplifting from your retail store

One of the key elements of running a successful retail store is employing people that will help with retail loss prevention.

Employees need to know what to look for and how to approach customers should the situation arise. 

Shoplifting is an issue for millions of retailers, therefore, you need to do as much as you can as a retail store owner to prevent it from your store.



Reading Facial Expressions

Customers with alternative plans when entering a retail store tend to have a certain look about their faces. It is a look of paranoia, guilt and insecurity.

You will notice these customers looking around to see if anyone is watching them. You will also notice that some customers will fold items underneath others to try to get extra garments into a dressing room too.


Understanding Body Language of Shoplifters 

Employees need to read the body language of customers. A hostile customer is one that should be helped with reservations.

This could turn into a situation where the customer runs out of the store with garments in hand, resulting in a loss of revenue. Some customers will be fidgety or clumsy out of nervousness when planning to shoplift.

At this point, it is a good idea for an employee to offer assistance and stay in close proximity to that customer.


Shoplifting in retail

How to prevent shoplifting from your retail store

Avoiding Confrontation

Employees have to know how to confront customers that they suspect of shoplifting. It is best to ask the customer if they found everything okay.

If the customer seems a little nervous, it is okay to confront them personally by asking them to remove the items from their bag or person that were not paid for.

Hostile customers should not be confronted. Local police should be called instead.

Employee safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to confronting shoplifters and knowing what to look for.

Ensure that all of the employees follow store procedure when it comes to these situations.


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 In this fiercely competitive retail environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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