Visual Merchandising Display: How to Create an Attractive Visual Display

Strategies for creating visual merchandise display

How to create an attractive visual merchandising display

The visual merchandising display placed in a shop window or at a focal point inside the retail store is important.

It is a representation of the store design, type of merchandise available and how well the store matches current design trends or their particular theme.

There are instances when visual merchandising display are cluttered it defeat the purpose of the display.


Visual Merchandise display

How to Create An Attractive Visual Merchandising Display

Keep it Simple

The main design should have a theme.

This means that you should select a topic that is trending locally to attract more window shoppers.

Seasonal themes and fashion style themes should be taken into consideration when creating the display.

Limit the amount of accessories used in your visual display to prevent clutter.


Use Fresh, Bold Colors

retail store design

Visual merchandising display

Do your best to stay within the theme you are creating but make a statement with color.

It is okay to use bolder colors in window displays to increase chances of attracting shoppers as they walk pass your retail store.

The basic premise of a visual display is to showcase several pieces of clothing to display brand quality while presenting a trendy display that is pleasing to the customers you wish to attract.


Display Current Fashion Trends

Retail store design

Visual merchandising display

Stay within the current fashion trends as much as possible.

When news of a new trend spreads, change the display in the window with items from the clothing lines inside to reflect the trends.

Shoppers that are fashion savvy will find this attractive and it will demonstrate to them that your retail organization know how to stays up-to-date with current trends.


Bottom Line

This process likely seems easier than it is.

Visual merchandising displays take time to design and put up.

Work with a team to set up the display.

The input from several minds is often better than just one.

This also helps to view the display from shopper’s perspective and enables you to make the necessary changes.


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