What All Entrepreneurs Ought To Know To Succeed

Any business success boils down to four variables:

  • The Owner
  • Your people
  • Your marketing
  • Your system
  • Your business model

      This article is about the qualities you the business owner, needs to success in your entrepreneurial adventure.

The success formula

The success formula

My decision to write about qualities required to become a successful entrepreneur is predicated on the fact that success in business lies in the quality of the individual who started the business.

      The qualities I will outline in this article are the same qualities you will find in every successful entrepreneur…whether it’s Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Facebook’s Zuckerberg or the mum who started a home business that is now a mega success.

Heck, they are the qualities you find in every successful person period.

      Much has been written about passion as if passion is an isolated quality that when possessed automatically leads to success.

Passion on its own will not cut it.

Granted, believe on yourself and your dream is critical to success.

However, the two essential components for success in anything endeavour are:

  • Skill
  • Discipline


Why Is Skill Essential

The success formula

The success formula

Look through the list of the most successful people in any sphere of life, you will discover they are individuals who are highly skilled in their respective fields.

They are not the average, they are the outliers.

      You could have all the passion in the world about brain surgery, if you do not attend medical school, you will not be able to perform brain surgery on anyone and have them survive.


Discipline Is The Glue

The success formula

The success formula

Secondly, they are individuals with tremendous discipline.

Discipline is simply the ability to force yourself to do things you will not ordinarily do.

In Malcom Gladwells’ Outliers, he wrote about the magic ten thousand hours.

No one reach the ten thousand hours mark by chance.

It requires tremendous disciple to force themselves to practice when you could be out partying with your friends.

      Therefore, passion is simply the willingness to acquire the skills and the discipline to achieve your goals.

Happy 2016!

      My wish for you is to acquire the skills and discipline necessary to achieve the things you set out to achieve this year.

Good luck!!!


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In this fiercely competitive business environment, the tiniest of things can make an enormous difference to your sales and profit margin.

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